The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Subscription Addiction Week: Naturebox Review

Monday, October 14, 2013

Subscription Addiction Week: Naturebox Review

Welcome to Subscription Addiction Week!
Why am I dedicating a whole week of blog space to monthly subscription boxes?  Well...I have jumped on the subscription bandwagon, and I'm hooked.  I wanted to share with you, my lovely readers, some of my favorites.  This might be a good time for the disclaimer...
Disclaimer: The posts you will see this week are not sponsored reviews.  They are my true opinions.  I have not been compensated for writing them unless you count the fun I had putting them together.

Subscription boxes are vastly popular with whole companies popping up to provide the public with a new category of box.  Why have they been so successful?

1. I believe that even in this internet frenzied, virtual era people still love to get mail--REAL mail in their mailboxes other than bills and advertisements.
2. The companies I am familiar with really do try to provide products that each subscriber will love.  The first company I am reviewing is no exception.  They even let their customers choose to be surprised each month or specifically select what they would like to receive in their boxes.  They are NatureBox...

Just so you know...I did not have to pay for my 6-month NatureBox subscription.  It was a prize that I won at the Back to School Social Part hosted by VoiceBoks.

I was thrilled because my sister subscribes and loves their snacks.  You can read her review here.  When I discovered that I had won my own subscription, I screamed out with excitement--literally.    Lydia Grace and Eli came running to see what in the world mommy was screaming about.  It was this...
Five delicious, healthy snacks in each box.  This month I received...

Cherry Berry Bonanza
This snack was great for the kids.  They thought the dried fruit pieces were really gummies.  I even put a handful on a salad.  Delicious!

Roasted Kettle Kernels
I liked these because of their honey roasted taste.  I didn't feel comfortable giving them to the kids simply because I do have smaller children.  Choking hazard, you know.  The hubby will probably be the one to eat most of these.

Pistachio Power Clusters
Now these were my favorites!  They were the perfect mix of salty and sweet.  I absolutely loved them, so I will be requesting another bag to come in next month's box.  Here's a great little piece of information about them...
Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios, Cane Sugar, Tapioca Syrup, and Sea Salt are the only ingredients.  That's it.  Compare that to other snacks in your pantry.

Vanilla Macaroon Granola
Lydia Grace and I both liked this.  It's great as a snack or even as a quick breakfast with some milk or yogurt.

Masa Crisps
These were good, but not one of my favorites.  Again, I think they may be a snack that the hubby enjoys more.  That is what was great about this first box though...
There was something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

The box even came with a snack guide that offered suggestions for each snack like eating the Masa Crisps with salsa.  I plan on trying that suggestion.  I may like them a lot more with some salsa.  There were even stickers which the kiddos always enjoy!

NatureBox has a philanthropic side too!  The work closely with WhyHunger, an organization that works to end hunger and poverty around the globe.

Here's the rundown...
Cost: $19.95 each month for a box of 5 snack bags
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Pros: Great variety!  Love the flexibility to select the snacks that come in your box.
Cons: I truly can't think of any at this time.  I loved my NatureBox and can't wait for the next one.

Have you tried NatureBox?  If so, what did you think?

Happy snacking!

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