The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Subscription Addiction Week: Stitch Fix Review

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Subscription Addiction Week: Stitch Fix Review

Just call me your subscription adventuress this week.
{insert laugh}
I'm braving the trail for you one box at a time...

In all seriousness...
Today's review is a fashion journey with STITCH FIX.
I truly can't remember how I stumbled upon this little gem.
But somehow I discovered it and signed up to receive my first fashion fix in October.

Here's how it works:
1. Sign-up and fill out a detailed style profile.
2. A stylist picks out 5 clothing items or accessories just for you!
3. The items are shipped for a $20 styling fee that goes towards anything you end up keeping.
4. You have 3 days to try things on in the comfort of your own home and decide what you want to keep.  Each item has styling tags to inspire you with ways to wear it.
5. Check out on the website to keep the things you want.  Place the unwanted items into the pre-paid shipping bag and mail them back from your own mailbox.
You decide when to receive each box.

I was curious, so I paid the $20 styling fee to give it a try.  (You don't pay until your package ships.)
Here's what came in my box...

A lovely message from my stylist:
Hey Jennifer!  Welcome to Stitch Fix!  I wanted to send you a medley of pieces today that all touch on your style preferences in one way or another.  I loved your Pinterest and blog and had a fun time poking around to see how you like to dress!  I tried to find items that would make you feel comfortable yet also still stick to your sense of style so I hope you love everything in this fix!  I definitely tried to keep things very romantic and classic but still a bit casual.  Have fun trying everything on!  :) XO -My Stylist's Name* 
*(To protect the identity of my stylist, let's just call her Susie Q.  That's always the name I use when creating math word problems for my students.  I guess it works here too.)

Just Black Carter Skinny Ankle-Length Jeans
I think Susie Q. may have missed the part of my style profile where I said, "I've had three kids--the third of which was born 6 months ago."  I loved the idea of fitting into "skinny jeans", but these were not going on my post-baby body.  I tried.  I mean I really tried, but the only pants fitting these days are maternity or ones with some stretch.  I think it might be time to hit the gym.  Moving on...

Tulle Trina Lace Print Belted Dress
I loved everything about this dress.  The lace print fabric was gorgeous!  Its vintage style was ideal for me.  It fit perfectly everywhere except the length.  Keep in mind that I am only 5 ft., 2 in., so it is quite surprising that a dress would be too short on me.  I'm an expressive person, and my look said it all.  The length in the picture was achieved by stretching the dress down as far as it would go.  Any movement, and it hiked up way too high for this momma.  Despite the length, I almost kept it. But...
I'm pretty picky when it comes to clothes, and I just didn't feel as comfortable in it as I would have liked.

Do you know what I do love though?  I love that little guy in the background.  That's my sweet Eli.  We were at Mimi's house sharing what mommy got in her Stitch Fix box because Mimi had received her first box that day too.

Honey Punch Beatrix Striped Hi-Lo Knit Shirt
My mom liked this top on me, but I just didn't feel good in it.  It felt too tight in the arms and chest and too voluminous in the hips.  I just wasn't feeling the wide stripes either.  I know...  I know...  Perhaps I am too picky.  My face said it all though.

41 Hawthorn Circle Cutout Drop Earrings
(Not pictured)  They were adorable, but they were too similar to some I already had.  Perhaps that is a sign that Susie Q. nailed it with accessories.  I went back and added to my profile that I would prefer a lovely new necklace in my next box though.  It is less likely that I would have a similar necklace.

41 Hawthorn Dellora 3/4 Sleeve Zig Zag Blouse
Ding! Ding! Ding!  We have a winner!  I love this top.  It is different from anything else I own!  The fit is perfect!  It is fun to accessorize with a scarf and jewelry.  There are these beautiful buttons on the sleeves that give it a little extra glitz.  This I kept!
(Please excuse the smudges on the mirror.  That cute little guy pictured above was to blame.)

1 out of 5 items.  Not bad.  I was able to leave feedback on all of the items which Susie Q. will take into consideration when putting together my next box.

Do you remember how I said that we were at Mimi's (my mom's) house when I tried these things on?  Remember how my mom and I were comparing boxes?  Well...if I had received her box, I would have honestly kept the whole thing.  I loved the two cardigans, two blouses, and lovely necklace she received.  In fact, she did keep her whole box.  Moral of the story: I should have let my mother fill out my style profile.  She knows more about what I like than I do.

The rundown on Stitch Fix...
Cost: $20 for each Fashion Fix of Five items (The $20 styling fee that goes towards anything you keep.)
+ the cost of the items you keep over that initial $20
Pros: It's fun to have things selected for you that you may not have tried on your own.  The clothes were all things that I can't readily buy in the stores local to me--they were fresh and different from what everyone else is wearing.  Did I mention that it was fun?!
Cons: You may find yourself not liking everything in your box, but you can easily send those things back at no extra cost.  You might find out that your style is a lot closer to your mother's than you had originally thought.  (Which in my case...would have been a pro.)

Happy shopping!


  1. I just started my first subscription with Birchbox but I am thinking about adding Ipsy. I've heard of Stitch Fix but like you, I am way picky about clothes and even though I don't have time to try on anything I don't know if anyone else could pick what I'd want and have it fit. I agree with what you had to say about the clothes you modeled and also have to say I immediately loved the same shirt you did. When I scrolled down to it I was like, "Keeper," as soon as I saw it. I hear from other reviews that as you continue on with the subscription and the stylist gets to know you better the matches are better too.

  2. I'm not familiar with Ipsy. I will have to check them out. Now Birchbox is one that I love. You'll see that review later in the week. I have heard that the stylists with Stitch Fix get better with time too. I'm hopeful that the next one will have more things that will work for me. I never would have found the top I kept if I hadn't given them a try though. And I love that top! Thanks for stopping by, Katie!


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