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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Seed Packet Greeting Cards

If you stopped by yesterday, you probably read about the craft challenge that my sister and I decided to do with the centennial craft kit that Tombow graciously sent me for taking part in their "100 Days of Tombow" Celebration.

The Challenge
Our challenge was simple...
Use the Tombow supplies along with any other craft supplies to complete a craft.  You can read all of the details from yesterday's post by clicking here.

My Craft
Today, as promised, we are revealing the crafts we made. Here is the what I made... 
  • Tombow's Stamp Runner Dot Pattern Adhesive
  • Tombow's Dual Brush Pen Set
  • Tombow's New Irojiten Color Dictionary Pencils
  • stamps (flowers and letters)
  • cardstock
  • envelope
  • paper scraps (I used a brown paper gift bag with vintage ads printed on it and some decorative floral paper.)
1. Gather your supplies.
2. Color a floral stamp with the brush side of one of Tombow's Dual Brush Pens.
3. Stamp the floral image onto cardstock.
4. Use the letter stamps and pen to also stamp a message around the flower.

5. With Tombow's Color Dictionary Pencils, fill in the stamped image with color.  Mat this piece of cardstock onto other layers of cardstock to create your card.
6. Tear open all of the folds of an envelope and use it as a pattern, by laying it on a scrap piece of paper and tracing around it. I traced my envelope onto the brown paper gift bag.
7. Fold the flaps of the envelope over and use Tombow's stamp runner adhesive to put it together.  
8. Use decorative paper and stamps to embellish the top flap of the envelope and adhere the stamped and matted card portion to the front of the envelope.  Fill the envelope with flower seeds and close it up.  Give it as a gift to wish someone a happy day.  Since I used a sunflower stamp for my card, I filled the envelope with sunflower seeds which are the perfect flowers for summer.

My Sister's Craft
And now for the craft, my sister made... 
Aren't her postcards great?! Which is your favorite craft? To view the full postcard tutorial, be sure to visit Allison's blog!

Happy crafting!

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