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Monday, June 10, 2013

Tombow Time: Supplies and a Craft Challenge

Tombow recently contacted me to participate in their "100 Days of Tombow" program.  For a century, this company has supplied innovative office, art, and craft supplies to the market.  During their centennial celebration, they are committing to provide up to $10,000 of Tombow products to the Council for Arts Education.  With "the arts" disappearing from schools across the nation, this is such a worthwhile cause!  One hundred bloggers from across the country have been chosen the participate in the celebration--each receiving a craft supply kit to try out and share about with their readers.  My sister who blogs at Allison's Skinny Jeans and I paired up to turn Tombow Time into a little craft challenge.
The supplies in the centennial craft kit:
Tombow's Stamp Runner Dot Pattern Adhesive
Tombow's Dual Brush Pen Set
Tombow's New Irojiten Color Dictionary Pencils

The challenge:
Use all three supplies along with any other desired supplies to each create something--anything!

The results:
Well, you'll just have to check back tomorrow to see what we each created.
As much as I hate to admit it, I think she may have won this challenge.  Long live sibling rivalry!

Happy Tombow Time!

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