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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sweet & Savory Brunch Recipes and Weekly Link Party

Brunch is always a good idea! Whether it's for a special occasion or just a meal enjoyed at home in your pajamas, here is a little recipe inspiration that will make your next brunch something special! From a sweet coffee cake to a savory dish of biscuits and gravy, you're sure to find a new favorite to serve up at your next weekend brunch!

Oh, and be sure to pin this post so you can refer back to it again and again. I'm sure you don't want to miss trying each one of the delicious recipes being featured this week.
1. Blueberry Coffee Cake / Quirky Inspired
This blueberry coffee cake looks oh so moist and delicious. Surprisingly it is also gluten-free and vegan. (That means my little guy with food allergies would be able to enjoy it too. That's a win in my book!)

2. Biscuits and Gravy Casserole / Dear Crissy
Here in the south biscuits and gravy are a breakfast staple. This casserole version is a great way to enjoy a traditional favorite in a whole new way!

3. Soft Cinnamon Swirl Bread / Gluesticks Blog
Few things smell better than homemade bread baking in the over. Few things taste better too! This bread recipe looks so good, I can almost smell and taste the cinnamon now.

4. Perfect Sunny Side Up Eggs / Fluster Buster
Can't quite get your sunny side up eggs just right? Here are some great tips for making the perfect eggs--without those ugly, browned edges!

5. Blueberry Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwich / Simply Stacie
 Is your mouth watering yet? What better way to combine breakfast and lunch than with this fruit-filled version of a grilled cheese sandwich?!

6. Peanut Butter and Jelly Oatmeal Bars / The Life of Jennifer Dawn (right here!)
Here's a kid-friendly recipe that both kids and adults will enjoy! It's everyone's favorite PB&J duo in the form of a breakfast bar.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Fairy Houses & Other Magical Activities for Kids and Weekly Link Party Too!

Looking for a tiny sprinkling of magical fun for you and your child? Add a little whimsy to your child's day with one of these magical ideas! Unicorns, fairies, rainbows, and more are all present below.
A Little Update:
This seemed like the perfect theme for this week's link party since I'm coming off a little blog break. I spent the break focusing on spending every moment I could with my kids. My daughter and I went to the American Girl Doll Store for her birthday. The kids and I played at our local children's museum. There were block tires, crafts, playdough, and, of course, loads of snuggles. Before the break, I was feeling a little burned out and a whole lot tired. I'm guilty of putting my eggs in too many baskets. (Although...right now that might not be a bad idea since our chickens have been laying eggs like crazy and I currently have almost five dozen in the refrigerator. Those aren't the eggs I'm talking about, though.) Sometimes I stretch myself a little too thin. This time I needed to step away for just a bit to be able to come back with a clearer vision of where this little blog of mine should go and how I can better manage keeping up with it.

Break or not! We all have those times where we need a little whimsy in our lives. So without further delay, here are several magical activities to try with your kids!

This Week's Features:
1. Paper Dahlia Flower Cone Wreath / Party Fetti
These oversized flower wreaths are simply stunning! It's a craft you can do with the kids and everyone will feel proud to display. Wouldn't they look gorgeous in a little girl's room?!

2. Fairy House Mason Jars / The Country Chic Cottage
What a fun way to make a fairy house! Whether you are using them as whimsical decor, outdoor garden accessories, or even child's play, they're super cute and, of course, magical!

3. Unicorn Bark / My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings
I love making homemade bark with my kids. It's fun, simple, and lends itself to an endless amount of variations. This particular version of bark was inspired by magical unicorns. It's almost too pretty to eat. I know I wouldn't be able to resist, though.

4. Tooth Fairy Letter Set / Somewhat Simple
Every tooth fairy could use a little help from time to time and this printable letter does the trick. What a cute idea for the next time your child loses a tooth!

5. Rainbow Playdough / Natural Beach Living
Have you ever tried making your own playdough? Here's a fun recipe to try! The assortment of colors is fun and festive. And I'm loving the glitter playdough! It reminds me of magical pixie dust.

6. Hatbox Fairy Village / The Life of Jennifer Dawn (right here!)
This is an oldie but a goodie. I made this fairy village for my daughter almost six years ago and it's still one of her favorite things to pull out and play with.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Chocolate Confetti Easter Eggs

Here’s a fun Easter treat–chocolate confetti eggs bursting with sprinkles and candies inside! There as fun to break open as they are to eat. And they are super simple to make!
Each year, I love coming up with a unique treat to place inside my kids’ Easter baskets. There was the year of the homemade chocolate lollipops that were shaped like bunnies. I promise that those sound way more complicated than they were. Chocolate melts, lollipop mold, lollipop sticks, and DONE! Oh, and the chocolate dipped Rice Krispies treats were a big hit one year. I love to come up with treats that are creative but also quick and easy. We busy moms only have so much time in a day. Am I right?
Last year I decided to try my hand at making chocolate eggs. But not just any chocolate eggs. I made chocolate confetti Easter eggs with a little surprise inside.These hollow chocolate eggs were filled with candies and colorful sprinkles. This tasty treat was such a hit that I think we're going to have to repeat it this year. Want to give them a try for your Easter festivities? Here's how...

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

DIY Farmhouse Decor & Weekly Link Party

Sweet, charming, rustic, and simple--it's no wonder that the farmhouse style has been such a HUGE trend lately. It's a style that has its roots set deep in the simple, practical lifestyle of farming families using what was handy right off the farm in their homes. The building materials, furniture, and decor were organically determined by the farm itself. Wooden crates, mason jars, barn wood, milk jugs, plants, and more all became trademarks of the style. Staying true to its practicality, upcycling and repurposing are also hallmarks of the simple style.

Want to bring a little farmhouse flair to your home? Here are several DIY projects that only require a few simple supplies that you might already have handy. No matter what type of home you live in, you can infuse farmhouse charm into your decor with any of these lovely DIY ideas.
1. Hydrangea Wreath / Gluesticks
Wreaths made with flowers, leaves, and even cotton are icons of the farmhouse style. Here's how to make your own simple wreath with hydrangea blooms. It's the perfect touch to add to your front door this spring.

2. Pitcher with Decal Transfer / Dreams Factory
This white pitcher screams farmhouse style or even french country. No matter which way you lean, the transfer decals are a fun technique to learn!

3. Farmhouse Signs / Simply September
Grab some barn wood or any wood to make your own rustic sign. Not feeling crafty? This charming shop has them for sale.

4. Coffee Table Makeover / Abbotts at Home
Who needs to buy a new coffee table when you can make an old one look this amazing? Click on over to see the "before" picture. You aren't going to believe how this furniture piece looked before its beautiful refresh!

5. Mason Jar Light / The Country Chic Cottage
Mason jars are so versatile! You can use them for gifting, organizing, decorating, and more! You can even use them to make charming light fixtures for your home like Angie did in this post.

6. Magnolia Wreath / The Life of Jennifer Dawn (right here!)
I love the look of Magnolia Wreaths but hated the price tags I kept seeing on them. The solution was simple. I made my own in minutes with less than $15. Click on over to see how...

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Homemade Bath & Spa Products and Weekly Link Party

From a natural alternative to body wash to homemade candles, here are some creative ideas to bring handmade touches to your morning routine. Some of the products shown below would even make thoughtful, handmade gifts. Looking for a few natural recipes for personal care products or crafty ideas for the bathroom? These bloggers have some amazing posts to get you started!
1. Chamomile and Lavender Body Wash / Life-N-Reflection
I LOVE the smell of lavender! Enjoy the fresh, floral scent with this recipe for a natural body wash.

2. DIY Soy Candles / Bittersweet Walnut Grove
Have you ever tried soy candles? I can personally attest that they are amazing! Click on over to see how to make some that smell like a fresh batch of snickerdoodle cookies.

3. Essential Oil Mouthwash Recipe / Artful Homemaking
Do you use essential oils? Put those oils to good use with this recipe for homemade mouthwash.

4. DIY Quote Makeup Bag / Maggie Lois
What a fun makeup bag to hold all of your essentials! And this cute craft would also make a fun gift.

5. Lavender Sachets / The Life of Jennifer Dawn (right here!)
Here's a crafty idea from my own blog. This simple DIY project will bring the relaxing scent of lavender to your home! Tuck these in with your linens to deter moths and release the lovely scent of lavender.

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