Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Little Bird Told Me Link Party #87

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The Life of Jennifer Dawn

It is wonderful to have you here!  Let's get this week's party started with four fabulous posts that were linked up to last week's party...
Cassie from Little Red Window linked up her DIY Lace Doily Easter Eggs!
Jennifer of The Jenny Evolution shared this fun Easter Egg Garland.
Becky and Glenna from My Paper Craze linked up this darling Tutu Easter Basket!
Cathy of Our Mini Family shared this delicious looking Chocolate Dipped Peeps Hot Cocoa.

Wonderful posts, ladies!  Feel free to grab a button if you were featured...
The Life of Jennifer Dawn
Now it's time for this week's party!
I know my fellow bloggers are doing some fantastic things out there in blogland.  A little bird told me that you are!  I'd love for you to share a recipe, craft, home decor project, activity/craft for kids, or any post you're proud of...
Grab a button, link up, visit others, and be sure to leave some comment love on each other's posts!  That same little birdie told me that we all love comments!
I will feature a few more fabulous links next week.  Remember that you must link back in order to be featured.  If your link does get featured, I have a special Pinterest board to further showcase your tremendous talent!
For my non-blogging readers, feel free to visit the links and glean inspiration!
Here we go!  I can't wait to see the amazing things that you link up this week!
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Crafting with Buttons

Have you seen the fabulous craft supplies I received from Pink Flamingo Ephemera? This lovely shop sells vintage paper and craft supplies that are truly unique. Be sure to take a peek!

The vintage buttons really got my creativity flowing. Here are five simple craft ideas for buttons...

Paper Garland made from Pink Flamingo Ephemera's Paper Circles

Here is my newest garland creation! I made it with paper circles from Pink Flamingo Ephemera--a lovely Etsy shop with a wide assortment of vintage craft supplies. The shop sells "paper ephemera for all your crafty projects", and I have certainly found some crafty uses for these vintage supplies.

Pink Flamingo Ephemera
Shop   /   Shop's Facebook Page   /   Blog   /   Blog's Facebook Page   /   Twitter

I'll be sure to share all of the crafts I've made with the supplies pictured above, but I want to start with the garland...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Scented Dough: Sensory Dough Series

Here is Aprils's installment of the 12 Months of Sensory Dough Series! Each month 11 fellow bloggers and I will share with you our playtime adventures with dough. Last month was Edible Play Dough.  This month we're making Scented Dough!
Scented dough is fantastic because it incorporates the sense of touch, smell, and sight into one simple activity. Play really does matter! Want to make dough for your own little ones to play with? Here's how...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Nautical Spring Trend

Has the weather been getting warmer where you live? It has been beautiful here this week which puts me in a mood to get outside! I'm ready for picnics, zoo outings, playing at the park, gardening, trips to the lake or beach...

I love spring! And all things nautical are trending this spring. Here are some nautical-inspired Etsy items that have me longing to get out on the water...

Nautical Fabrics from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Hair Ties and Seals from Hobbies from the Heart

photo credit: Hobbies from the Heart

Nautical Outfits from Bluebird Cottage Designs
(my own little shop)

What has you excited about spring?
Happy spring!
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Little Bird Told Me Link Party #86

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The Life of Jennifer Dawn

It is wonderful to have you here!  Let's get this week's party started with four fabulous posts that were linked up to last week's party...
Danielle from Framed Frosting linked up her recipe for Bunny Tails Popcorn Mix. My kids would love this! Who am I kidding? I would love this!
Courtney of Charming Little Nest shared her Wooden  Silhouettes.
Amy from Delineate Your Dwelling linked up these adorable Fabric Pots that she made for her garden party!
Paige of A Dose of Paige shared her DIY Milk Glass Tutorial.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dairy-Free White Cake with Vegan Buttercream Frosting

You may remember me telling you in this post that Caleb is highly allergic to milk. Early tests even indicated the possibility of a soy allergy. We found out about all of this when Caleb was about one month old.

It has made the introduction of solid foods a challenge, but we have gradually been figuring it all out. He drinks rice milk instead of cow's milk. Almond milk isn't an option because my picky little guy hates it. I have baked with almond milk to sneak it into his diet since certain types have more protein. Even though there are a lot of foods he can't or won't eat, one of his favorite things is vanilla yogurt made from coconut milk.

Neither Lydia Grace or Eli have a milk allergy, so it has certainly been a new adventure for us. Figuring out a cake option for his first birthday was a kitchen adventure too. I came up with some delicious options though. As my mother was eating a slice, she made sure to ask, "You wrote down everything you did, right?" Yes, I did! And I'm even sharing it with you today...

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Herb Garden Markers

The kids and I planted a small indoor herb garden this week. Lydia Grace is even keeping track of each plants' growth with a plant journal that I made. (I'll share that another day.) It's the teacher in me! I can't help it! {laughing}

For our herbs, I made stamped garden markers. Want to make your own? They are easy to do...