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Friday, August 24, 2018

Printable Back to School Lunch Notes

This post is sponsored by Nature's Bakery but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

It's the "back to school" season! With pencils freshly sharpened and notebooks labeled, kids are gearing up for another year of school.

Moms, are you prepped and ready for all those school snacks and lunches? As you're packing backpacks and purchasing supplies, be sure to include wholesome snacks on your back to school list. And grab a copy of these cute and colorful printable lunch notes to let your kids know you're rooting for them to have a fantastic school year!
Back to School Prep
It's been full speed ahead in getting ready for a new school year. Yes, even us homeschool moms have a lot to prepare during the busy back to school season...

Research and make curriculum choices. Check! (And I couldn't be happier with what we picked! That's post for a different day though.)
Purchase and prepare the curriculum. Check again!
Clean out and organize the homeschool room. Check!
Buy supplies for home and for co-op. Check and double check.
Attend the orientation for our homeschool co-op. A very excited check!
Restock the lunch and snack stations. A great BIG check!

The term "home" school doesn't always feel like an accurate description of our schooling. On Mondays, we head out to a homeschool co-op where the kids attend classes and I teach. There are also science classes, art classes, dance lessons, and sports practices that we participate in throughout the week that keep us zipping around.

For those days when we need quick and easy breakfast options, packed lunches, and portable snacks, I've come up with a few super simple solutions. With our active homeschool schedule, there are a few tricks I implement to make snack time and mealtimes stress-free, easy, and fun.
Snack Basket
I keep a snack basket in the pantry filled with satisfying snacks that the whole family can enjoy! A new favorite is Nature's Bakery Fig Bars with real fruit and real ingredients. Whether we're rushing off to an outing or grabbing an afternoon snack, these soft-baked fig bars make wholesome, convenient snacks.
The biggest selling point for our family is that they are dairy-free, and there is even a gluten-free variety. My youngest has severe food allergies, but this is a tasty snack that he can enjoy too! That's a HUGE win!

Ever since trying them for the first time, my kids beg for these fig bars for breakfast, snack, and lunch. My daughter Lydia Grace told me it's the fruit filling she loves best.

Lunch Packing Station
A packing station with all the essentials makes packing lunches quick and easy. Stock it with essentials like lunch bags, utensils, sandwich cutters, napkins, food containers, snacks, and more!

Lunch Notes for Kids
I love to make lunchtime a little more fun with notes to the kids--especially on co-op days when they're attending classes and eating lunch with their friends. Sometimes it's just a simple "I love you!" scrawled on a napkin and other times it's something a little more special like the printable school lunch notes that I'm sharing with you today. They're a super simple way to sprinkle in a little encouragement, positivity, and fun to your child's day!

Save and print your copy right here. Keep them handy in your lunch packing area--right along with the utensils, food items, and snacks--and toss one or a few into their lunch bag. They're sure to bring smiles to their sweet faces!
Grab the printable!
Right click to save the lunch note printable to your computer. Open and print off as many copies as you need.
Oh, and for more snack and lunchtime inspiration, be sure to visit Nature's Bakery by clicking right here. They're sure to become a snacking favorite with your family too!

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