The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Junior Explorers Review

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Junior Explorers Review

Lydia Grace loves to pretend that she is going on adventures. It's so cute to hear her say, "I'm a brave abenturer!" There have been fossil digs, mysteries to solve, travels to faraway places, and more with that wonderful imagination of hers! When I first heard about Junior Explorers, it seemed like the perfect thing for my little explorer to try.

What is it?
Junior Explorers is fun and education monthly subscription for kids ages 6-11 to learn about new places and the animals that live there. Kids complete each month's mission through both offline and online activities. Subscription options range in price from about $15-$19/month.

What's inside?
Our kit came with:
  • post cards
  • stickers and tattoos
  • mini animal figurines
  • mission wristband
  • mission pin
  • animal fact cards
  • welcome letter
  • mission instructions
  • activity book
  • login information to complete the online portion of the adventure
The welcome letter introduced us to a mystery in the Serengeti that the two characters Kia and Kyle needed help solving. Lydia Grace really got into it and was excited to help solve the case. We started with the offline activities and then moved to the computer. Since she is still an emerging reader (just turned 6 years old), she still needed help reading the instructions, as well as, the dialogue between the computer characters. Some of the games were a little challenging for her as far as being able to control the mouse, but she still enjoyed giving them her best try.

Overall, this was an exciting and interactive way for Lydia Grace to learn about a new place. Click here to learn more about the Junior Explorers subscription!

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Happy exploring!
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*Disclaimer: This product was provided for me in the hopes that I would share it on my blog. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links have been included.

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