The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Searching for Supermom?

Friday, October 31, 2014

Searching for Supermom?

Hi, friends! Since today is Halloween, I was going to share the M is for Monster preschool unit that I put together and had the kids do last year. However, my memory chip containing my 2013 photos seems to have vanished. I've been pretty upset over it. Hopefully it will turn up though. I wish finding things was one of my "superpowers". But since becoming a mother, I seem to lose things ALL THE TIME. Anyone else? I think I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached. {chuckle} Totally joking! Since I don't have the pictures of the kids to go along with my cute monster unit, I thought I'd share a lighthearted, encouraging post I just wrote for the Knoxville Moms Blog. Enjoy!
"It was costume day at our homeschool co-op on Monday and even the adults were dressing up. One mom in costume asked another mom who didn’t appear to be dressed up, “Where’s your costume?” She quickly responded, “I’m Supermom!” I chuckled a bit at first, but then I thought… Yes, she is! Moms are superheroes just the way they are! And they have incredible superpowers. In fact, just being a mom is a superpower power in and of itself. No matter how a woman has put on that role – carrying a little life in her tummy for 9 months, adopting, or bravely taking on the journey of fostering a child, her first superpower lies in simply being a mom. Here are other superpowers that you as a mother possess…"
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