The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Fabric Covered Button Earrings

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fabric Covered Button Earrings

March is National Craft Month! With spring just around the corner, I have certainly been in a mood to craft. Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores makes spring crafting easy this month with a $5 off $25 or more purchase coupon and a spring crafting inspiration website. I've teamed up with the folks at Jo-Ann to bring you a simple craft that would be the perfect addition to any spring accessory collection.
They're fabric covered button earrings! The creamy floral fabric make them perfect for spring! Want to make your own? Here's how...

pliers with built-in wire cutters
floral fabric (Use a fabric with a small scale.)
fabric scissors
cover button kit (I felt like the 5/8" kit was the perfect size for making earrings.)
E-6000 Adhesive or other strong adhesive
flat pad earring posts and butterfly clutches

1. Open your cover button kit.  Use the wire cutters to snip the wire loops off the button backs. Use the pliers to gently pull out the remaining wire pieces.
2. Cut out two small pieces of fabric.
3. Place one of the fabric pieces onto the mold from the button cover kit with the wrong side of the fabric facing up.
4. Place a button shell into the mold and tuck the fabric inside the shell.
5. Place one of the button backs over the tucked in fabric and snap it in place with the pusher piece from the kit.  Gently peel the fabric covered button out of the mold. Repeat these same step to make a second floral button. (To view another tutorial on making fabric covered buttons, you can click here.)
6. Since you have already removed the wire loops from the button backs, you have a flat surface in which to glue the earring posts onto.  Apply a small bead of adhesive to the back of of each button.
7. Gently press the earring posts over the adhesive and let it dry.
8. Wear or gift your new spring earrings!
Happy crafting!
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  1. They turned out so CUUTTEE!

  2. These earrings are soooooooo pretty
    I'd loooooove to wear them! :)
    I envy you - you are very creative!

    1. Thanks, Winnie! Such a sweet compliment! I am always blown away by your talents in the kitchen. You are brilliant!

  3. Super duper cute!! Love your choice of fabric too. Thanks so much for linking up to the party. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. These are super cute! Love the floral design


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