The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Geometric Painted Picture Frame Craft for Kids

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Geometric Painted Picture Frame Craft for Kids

Do you have some crafty kids at home? Get them involved in National Craft Month too! Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores makes crafting with the kids even easier with this great coupon offer and a website filled with spring craft ideas. Here's a fun craft to try...

wooden picture frames (We used some from Jo-Ann that already had one coat of white paint. Natural wood frames work too.)
painter's tape
acrylic paint (Ours came in a pack filled with spring colors.)

1. Gather and prepare your materials. If you have small children, this is a craft you may want to explain and demonstrate before handing them the paint. We use watercolors so much, that I felt the need to explain to my kiddos the difference between the two kinds of paints. Being prepared and flexible are keys to a happy painting session with kids.
2. Use painter's tape to block off sections of the picture frame. The kids can use the tape to block off different geometric shapes. Lydia Grace wanted triangles and Eli followed her lead.
3. Paint the picture frame. Lydia Grace used a different color for each section. Eli wanted to mix his colors. Let each kid try their own technique. That's what makes it special!
4. Allow the paint to dry. Gently pull off the tape to reveal the unpainted areas. Display or gift your new geometric frame.
 Happy painting!
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