The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Valentine's Day Craft for Kids: Window Cling Hearts

Friday, January 17, 2014

Valentine's Day Craft for Kids: Window Cling Hearts

Decorating for Valentine's Day?  Here's a fun craft the kids can do to get ready...

Heart Window Clings

  • white glue
  • colored glitter glue
  • page protectors
  • heart templates (see below)

Heart Templates
(Made with PicMonkey!  I love that site!)

1. Print off the heart templates shown above and gather your materials.
2. Insert each heart template into a page protector.
3. Choose one of the heart templates. Trace the colored parts of the heart with colored glitter glue. We used red, pink, and purple glitter glue to stick with the traditional colors for Valentine's day. (No pun intended. wink. wink.)
4. Let the glitter glue have a few minutes of drying time.
5. If the kids don't have a steady hand when using the glitter glue, it's not a problem. The finished product will still turn out adorable. Just make sure there are no openings in the line of glitter glue.
6. Here comes the fun part!  Squirt the rest of the heart with white glue.
7. This isn't actual a step. It's just a moment--one I wanted to capture.  Lydia Grace is concentrating so hard on the glue and Eli is immersed in what his big sister is doing. Love them!
8. Allow the glue to dry for 24-48 hours. You'll notice that the white glue will turn clear once it has dried. Peel the heart of glue off the page protector. Stick it to a window. (Tip: If the window cling is being stubborn and doesn't want to stick, just moisten the back a bit with water and press it to the window.)
These heart window clings are so easy to make and use. Just hang them on any window or glass surface in your home. When you are ready for them to come down, they just peel right off.  My kids loved making these and decorating the windows with them. I'm sure yours will too because they will be spending quality time with you!

Looking for more Valentine's Day fun? Here's are a few options!

Valentine's Day Printable Activities

Happy crafting!


  1. So I tried these this weekend, because they are adorable!! Mine dried fairly quickly, but then curled up! Did you have any issues with this? It was impossible to get them to stick - even after wetting them because they were too curled! Cute Craft - 1, Mom - 0!

    1. I am so excited that you tried them! I hate it didn't work out though. Let's see if we can change that score. :) In doing these, I noticed a couple of things.
      1. If you try to peel them before they are ready, they will curl. I got excited and made that mistake with one of them.
      2. Certain glues work better than others. Elmer's glue seems to work a little better than an off-brand. (I promise Elmer's is not paying me to say that.)
      3. They need to dry on a flat surface.
      4. You need to use a pretty thick coat of glue. (If yours dried in less than 24 hours, I would use a thicker coat of glue.)

      I've seen a lot of people use puff paint for window clings too. You could always give that a try. I hope this helps.

  2. These are beautiful!
    We are so going to try these!


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