The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Tennis, Anyone?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tennis, Anyone?

 If you hadn't already noticed from a few of my previous posts, we went on a beach vacation last week.  We stayed at a house in a resort that had tennis courts.  In knowing that, I made sure to remember our rackets.  I love tennis and use to play.  Three babies and 36 pounds later...
Well, my tennis skills are now non-existent.  I hit around some balls hoping it would be like riding a bike and instantly come back to me.  Ha!  No such luck.  My princess, on the other hand, was meant to play the game.  I am going to have to get her into lessons.  Some things just come naturally though like these tennis moves...

I could have died laughing when she picked up that towel and started wiping her face off.  I think she has watched a little too much tennis.  {chuckle}  In all seriousness she does look like a little pro...

Whew!  I am going to have to get back into shape if I want to keep up with her.
Four years old and already posing...

Eli could have cared less about playing, but he still had a blast.  He wanted to be our ball boy.  Love him!
Happy playing!

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