The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Doughnuts and Daddy

Friday, June 7, 2013

Doughnuts and Daddy

Today was National Doughnut Day!
Some of the teachers I work with brought it to my attention on Skype this morning as I was sitting in a waiting room with my laptop and in-laws.  Tim had surgery this morning on his knee--an old football injury that 12 years post-original surgery needed yet another surgery.  This is the hardware they removed today from his leg...
Yeah, I know...
Probably not the best thing to show you when I'm talking about doughnuts, right?
Back to the doughnuts because they certainly were a good distraction for me in the midst of waiting rooms, nervousness about the surgery, work, running errands, filling prescriptions, working on a product review with my sister, taking care of three kids, and helping Tim out post-surgery.  Luckily I had family around to help out.
And DOUGHNUTS!  Don't forget about the doughtnuts or donuts as some retailers of these tasty treats spell it.  However you spell the word, they are G-O-O-D!  The kids and I enjoyed stepping away for a bit in the evening to take advantage of the free doughnuts Krispy Kreme was giving away.
Thank goodness for cream filled confections on days like today.  Lydia Grace and Eli made sure to get a doughnut for daddy too.  I certainly think he earned it...
Happy Doughnut Day!

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  1. Your children are adorable in those Krispy Kreme hats!!! Send those pics to the company -- they might be able to use them in promotional ads!!!


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