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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tooth Fairy Pillows

Are you familiar with the book Silverlicious by Victoria Kann?  I recently read it to my four-year-old daughter during one of our bedtime story sessions.  The book goes through the main character’s adventure of losing her sweet tooth and discovering another meaning of sweetness beyond treats, candies, and goodies--the sweetness that comes from being kind to others.  Prior to beginning the book, I failed to realize that my daughter did not know anything about losing her baby teeth and eventually getting her adult teeth.  Oops.  It had never come up prior to that.  When the main character lost her sweet tooth, my daughter's already "bigger than Texas" eyes got even bigger.  She was a little horrified by the idea until I explained and finished reading the book.  I guess it would be a scary concept hearing about it for the first time.  One of these cute pillows should make loosing her first tooth a little more fun by giving the tooth fairy {wink, wink} a special place to leave her a prize.  I made one for Eli and Caleb too although  it will be awhile before the tooth fairy pays them a visit.  In gleaning inspiration for the design of this pillow, I looked back over the book Silverlicious.  That’s when I was reminded of the envelopes that the main character received under her pillow.  Aha!  Envelopes!  What a perfect item to incorporate into the design!  And what better way to embellish them than with a tooth?!  Want to make a tooth fairy pillow for your own little one?

Happy sewing!
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