The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Fun with Food Friday: Colorful Lunches

Friday, May 17, 2013

Fun with Food Friday: Colorful Lunches

Here's a week's worth of lunches that are full or color!
Red: strawberry yogurt with a fresh strawberry, flower fruit strip cut-outs (fruit strip + cookie cutter), red goldfish, a cheese wheel, and tomatoes
Orange: mandarin oranges, cheese crackers, carrots, cheese slices, and peaches 'n cream pretzels for dessert
Yellow: fresh bananas, yogurt melts, crunchy crackers, dried pineapple pieces
Green: green goldfish, dried apples, and broccoli with dressing for dipping
Rainbow: tomatoes, carrots, crunchy crackers, snap peas, dried plums, and yogurt melts

These were great for my preschooler and toddler because they went along with the "mommy school" theme for the week--colors.  These fun lunches helped to reinforce the color skills we were learning and reviewing during the week.

What foods would you include in your own color-themed lunches?

For more great lunch ideas click here, here, and here.

Happy lunch packing!

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