The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Spring Cleaning Day 5

Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Cleaning Day 5

Have you been spring cleaning with me this week?

Let's take a look at today's tasks...
Today may look like more than the other days, but it is actually a pretty easy day.  After all, it's Friday.  Make the beds and throw in one load of laundry to work on today just like you've done on the other mornings.  Give your indoor plants a nice watering too.  Even if you are rushing off to work this morning, these three tasks are quick and easy enough to cross off your list first thing this morning.  Take care of the dishes and spot clean the floors as you go throughout your day.  Didn't get to dust, clean the bathrooms, or deep clean your floors earlier in the week...  No problem!  Today is a catch up day to finish any task(s) you weren't able to complete.  You may notice that the list mentions paper clutter.  Today's a good day to sort through the mail, pay any bills, or work on any "paper" tasks that need your attention.  I have a desk in the kitchen with slots that I have designated for specific things--envelopes/stamps, bills to pay, and important papers...  The desk also has a built-in filing cabinet where I can keep the kids' artwork and other papers stashed away neatly.  If you don't have a desk with the capacity to serve as an organizer, a drawer or closet with a basket system works just as nicely.  The idea is to have a place for everything and everything in its place.  Do you have some bills you need to pay today?  Here are my Bill Pay printables.
Bill Pay (Simple)

Bill Pay (Color)

While you are sorting through the paper clutter, let's go ahead and do some menu planning.  I have printables for that too.
Menu Planner (Simple)

Menu Planner (Color)

Lately I have been using the menu planner on my kitchen command center.

Think about the upcoming week and choose the meals accordingly.  I always have to cook something quick on Wednesday because my daughter has dance that night.  To make menu planning easier, I have a master list of meals that have been "keepers".  I can look at that list for ideas.

After you plan out your menu, think about the groceries you'll need to buy and add them to your grocery list.  I keep an ongoing list that I can add to anytime we run out of something.  I hope these suggestions and printables help you find a system that works best for you.

For the most part, today's tasks are quick and easy.  Finish up the day with picking up clutter and wiping the kitchen counters clean.
Happy cleaning and organizing!

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