The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Spring Cleaning Day 4

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Cleaning Day 4

I love to clean!  That's probably not something you hear too often from people, but I do!  I find it relaxing especially since I don't wear myself out trying to get it all done in one day.  Pacing it all out helps with both motivation and maintenance.  I actually cleaned professionally for one of my many high school/college jobs.  That's a little known fact about me...
I did housekeeping and food service at a retirement home for about 5 years.  There were days when I was scheduled to clean 8-10 apartments in one day.  Those days also included serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the dining room and cleaning the sheets and towels for each of those apartments.  Through that job, I learned to effectively and efficiently clean .  Completing a few cleaning tasks for my own home each day is no biggie.  Ready to see what we are cleaning today?
We slept in a bit today.  With no plans right now to go anywhere and the kids snoozing away, I was able to get some extra rest this morning.  I'm still on maternity leave from work.  It's crazy to think that to us mothers sleeping in equates to staying in bed until 8:30 a.m.  Now that we are's time to start the day.
If you are cleaning with me this week, start off by making the beds.  Kiddos who are old enough can even make their own.  It is amazing what a difference this task can make to a bedroom's appearance.  This is something my mom has impressed to me for years, and she is right.
I also like to start my day off by throwing in one load of laundry.  At some point during the day this load will be dried, folded, and put away.  Doing one load a day is very manageable and helps you stay on top of the never-ending mass of dirty clothes and linens.
Deep Clean:
Choose a deep clean task to work on today.  Nap times are a great time to get these done.  Unless mom needs a nap too.  {wink, wink}  Click here for a list of suggested deep clean tasks.  Another great deep clean task is to go through the house and wipe down door handles and light switches with a Clorox wipe.  Due to the fact that these areas are constantly touched, they can become quite dirty.  Rid them of their germiness!.
Today's weekly task is the floors.  Vacuum all carpets and dry sweep and mop any other floors.  I like to use a sweeper with a washable microfiber cloth to dry sweep and a Swiffer Wet Jet to mop our ceramic and hardwood.  My vacuuming shortcut for the carpets is that I use one of the robotic vacuums that does the work for me.  If any spills or messes occur after already cleaning the floors, you can do any necessary vacuuming and sweeping.
Take care of dirty dishes as you go throughout the day.  Wipe the counters and kitchen table clean at the end of the day.  I like to use Clorox wipes for this task.
Stay on top of the clutter throughout the day.  Most of the clutter in our home is from toys.  The kids have tubs and bins that all of their toys have been sorted into and stored.  The rule is that they can only get one bin out at a time.  This helps to cut down a great deal on the mess.  They are told to clean up one bin before moving onto another.  It's a great idea in theory, but it does take some reinforcement.  If you have kids, you'll understand this.  A final sweep of any stray items can be done at the end of the day.

I hope that as we clean together this week your house if feeling more and more clean each day and you are starting to get into a cleaning routine.
Happy cleaning!

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