The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Sew a blanket, bib, and burpie for a baby!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sew a blanket, bib, and burpie for a baby!

Remember the three baby projects I sewed and shared with you a couple of weeks ago. Here are three more adorable things to make for a very special BABY...

Raspberry Creek Fabrics sells fantastic blanket bundles with 2 yards of fabric.  Each bundle includes one yard each of two different coordinating flannels. I turned my flannel fabric into a blanketbib, and burp cloth! This is such a simple sewing idea, and takes under an hour to complete. These make sweet baby shower gifts. Everyone loves homemade gifts! Or they are perfect to make for your own child or grandchild. Here's how...

  • 2 yards of coordinating flannel (1 yard of each pattern)
  • Basic Sewing Supplies (coordinating thread, pinking shears, pins, scissors...)
  • Snaps
  • Sewing Machine
  • Ribbon (optional)
1. Lay your two pieces of fabric on top of each other with right sides facing. Cut out your pieces according to the photograph:

  • Burp cloth: From one corner, cut out a 10 in. by 18 1/2 in. section.
  • Bib: Draw your own bib pattern or pin an existing bib onto the flannel to cut out your bib pieces.
  • Blanket: Use the remaining fabric for the blanket.

Make sure the top and bottom layers of flannel are the same size for all three items.
2. Place a few pins through the top and bottom layers of each item. This will keep the layers from slipping when you sew them together.
3. Using a 3/8 in. seam allowance to sew around the perimeter of each item leaving a gap.

  • The gap for the burp cloth and bib will only need to be 2-3 inches wide. The gap for the blanket will need to be 5-6 inches long.
  • For the burp cloth and blanket, it is easier to not leave the gap at a corner.
  • Having the gap along a straight section makes it easier to close it up in the final step.
  • Remember to backstitch at the start and finish of each seam.
4. Use the pinking shears to cut excess fabric from the edges. Snip outside the seam. Clip the corners of the blanket and burp cloth at an angle being careful not to cut through any seams.

5. Turn each item right side out by feeding the material through the gap. Push all corners out. Using a chopstick helps with this step.
6. For each item, fold the edges of the gap over and pin the gap closed.
7. Press each item.
8. Using a 1/4 in. seam allowance sew around the entire perimeter of each item making sure to close the gap with this final step.  Attach a snap to the straps of the bib.

Embellishment option: If you would like to add a little extra detail, you can sew a ribbon onto the right side of the top flannel piece before doing steps 2-8.  I did this for the burp cloth, but it would look cute on the blanket or bib too.
Even more things to sew or make for BABY!
Happy Sewing!
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  1. adorable. I love the fabric. great job. I would love if you linked them up to Show Off Monday @


  2. The fabric is so fun! What a great gift this would make for a baby shower. Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Gorgeous projects! These would be great gifts - so pretty! Pinning up to remember for later. Thank you!

  4. These are really good, I need to put some serious hours into learning my sewing machine before my next little one comes along :)

    1. You should! I love sewing things for my kids. If you need a few sewing tips to get you started, be sure to check out this post:

  5. Thanks for such clear instructions. Nice job. Thanks, Linda

  6. This is perfect! I love that you can make three things with only two yards of fabric. I love the polkadots. I'd love for you to share this at my link party.

  7. THese are awesome.. the fabric just looks so soft and smooshy and the colors are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  8. I love those fabrics! This is perfect timing; one of my friends is pregnant and I have been on the lookout for something fun to make for her as a shower gift, so thanks for sharing! I'd be thrilled if you'd link this up at my current link party:

  9. darling! soooo pinning this for future reference!

  10. these turned out so cute! I am totally pinning this. thanks for sharing and have a fun weekend!


  11. This is too cute! This is the perfect gift idea for a new baby. :)

  12. This looks adorable and something very easy to make! I have another grandson due in a month...this will be perfect for him! Thanks, I'm pinning!
    Saw you linking at Pinfest 2012
    Debbie :)

  13. Went looking for a quick and easy project for my cousins baby shower, and I found this. I am going to use PUL fabric for one layer, instead of 2 flannel layers. I think I may round the corners of the cloth and blankie. For what I am going to make, I wouldn't have been able to buy just the blanket for as cheap! Thanks for the pattern and great idea.

  14. Great idea! Just made my sister in law's baby blanket and 2 burp rags! Simple and easy!!!!

  15. Did you prewash the flabric? Any problems with shrinking?


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