The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Pennant Banner Appliqued Tops

Monday, July 8, 2013

Pennant Banner Appliqued Tops

Pennant Banners are so fun and festive!  By appliqueing a little fabric onto tops, I brought some of that colorful fun to outfits for the kids.  For Eli and Lydia Grace I made pennant banner t-shirts, and for Caleb I appliqued a pennant banner onesie.  The prep work of cutting out all of the pennant pieces was the most time consuming part of this project.  I realized after laying the pieces out onto the tops that I had cut way too many though.  Overall, these were fun and easy to create!  Here's how to make your own pennant banner appliqued tops...

  • Coordinating fabric scraps
  • Basic sewing supplies (sewing machine, thread, fabric scissors...)
  • Pencil and paper
  • Heat n Bond (lite) Iron-On Adhesive
  • Iron

1. Make sure your top and fabric scraps have been pre-washed.  Following the directions on the Heat n Bond package, iron pieces of the adhesive to the backs of your fabric scraps.  The fabric should be larger than the adhesive pieces.

2. I chose fabric scraps that all coordinated with each other to get a more cohesive look.  Continue to prep all of your fabric with the sewable iron-on adhesive.

3. Use pencil and paper to draw and cut out a pennant pattern.  I cut two sizes--a larger one for the t-shirts and a small one for the onesie.

4. Use the pattern to cut out several pennant pieces from your prepped fabric.
5. Lay out the pennant pieces onto the top you are going to applique.  You'll want to place the pennant pieces end to end in order to give the impression of a continuous banner.

6. Once you have your layout determined, peel off the adhesive backing and iron each piece onto the top one by one.

7. Sew around the pennant pieces.  (Do not backstitch at the start and finish.)  The tops I created had two rows of pennant banner.  For each row, I stitched across the top and then sewed back along the bottom sides of the banner.  This allowed me to sew a continuous stream of stitches around each row.  (See the picture below for help with how to sew around the banners.)
8. Pull the loose threads to the inside of the shirt or onesie, tie them off, and snip the excess.

Lydia Grace, Eli, and Caleb wearing their tops...

Need more help with applique techniques?
Happy Sewing!


  1. I am visiting you from Show Me What Ya Got. I was just at my local quilt shop yesterday with my daughter and I was telling her how much I love these simple banners on pillows. I told her I want to put them on a t-shirt. I love this!!!. I will pin this to my Embellishments board. Visit my post on teaching children to sew:

  2. These turned out SO cute! I love them and love those kiddos!


  3. Absolutely adorable. What a lovely project. Simple and effective :) Hannah @ Paint on the Ceiling

  4. Those are really cute! So original as well. Thanks for linking up with Pin it! Tuesday! Don't forget to check back next Tuesday to see if you were featured!


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