The Life of Jennifer Dawn: A Little Bit About Me

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Little Bit About Me

Here are just a few things you should know about me if we are going to be BFF...

1. I love (Are you ready for this list?) all things girly, music, evenings relaxing on the front porch, warm weather, cheesecake, the color pink, shopping, pedicures, fashion, clothes, crafts, sewing, art, photography, poetry, decorating, books, cooking, animals, travel, tennis, wildflowers, playing piano...  I'll stop.  Let's just say that I have many interests and hobbies.  
2. I don't eat meat.  Yes, I'm a vegetarian.  Not vegan...just vegetarian.  I'll save further explanation on this for another post.  You wouldn't believe the questions I get from this confession.  Well, maybe you would.  They are probably the same questions that are running through your mind right now.  Again, we will save more on this for another day.
3. Here's an even more shocking revelation.  I tend to be very leery of technology.  I know.  I know.  I blog and do the whole social network thing, but technology and I take a little warming up before we are able to get along with each other.  My parents are the ones who bought me my first DVD player and told me to "get with the program" and let go of VHS.  When the hubby first started talking about getting a Blue-ray player, I looked at him like he was crazy.  Sometimes all the tweeting, facebooking, posting, chiming, pinning, liking, a bit overwhelming.  I am also pretty sad about the whole e-book craze.  In my opinion, nothing!  I repeat...nothing beats sitting down at the end of the day in a comfy chair with a cup of tea in one hand and a good book in the other hand--a book with actual pages.

4.  I use interrobangs (!?) and ellipses (...) way too much when I write or blog.  Sorry.

5. I'm a perfectionist along with being hopelessly OCD and a complete neat freak.  I apparently wipe my kitchen counters down multiple times while cooking and don't even realize it.  I go nuts if my house starts to build up the tiniest bit of clutter.  In fact, I was a little nuts today because the house was terribly messy.  Thanks goodness for spring cleaning and spring breaks!

6.  I love Jesus Christ with all of my heart.  He is my savior and my strength.

7.  I fiercely love my kids.  It still breaks my heart to leave them each day when I go to work.  My mornings usually consist of tears and pep talks from my momma as I drive to work each morning.

8.  Speaking of mommas...I love mine!  She is more than just my mom.  She is my friend, my constant cheerleader, and my role model for the type of mother that I want to be.  If you see me on my cell in the mornings, I am talking to her.  For that matter, if you see me on my cell at all...I'm probably talking to her.

9. Like any true Southern girl, I still call my father, "Daddy."  My daddy has always been an excellent example of hard work and perseverance.  I appreciate all he has done for his family.
10.  I dream BIG!  I pray that someway, somehow God will use this little life to make a difference in this great, big world.

11.  I am a G.R.I.T.S. through and through.  If I have to explain what that is...darlin' you obviously ain't from 'round here.

12.  I strive to be a loyal, loving friend.  Just thought you should know that...
since we are going to be BFF!

Now, leave me a comment and tell me something fascinating about you.  I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Hello Jennifer,

    just found your blog and wanted to tell you how wonderful your self-description is! I share a lot of the interests you have, am a Vegetarian, too, and also prefer real paper books... Will check out your shop and stop by your blog again! With many greetings, B.

  2. Hi Jennifer... I love Jesus Christ with all of my heart, too. Found you on Pint Sized Treasures and wanted to leave a comment on your adorable button bracelet craft post but I see that comment are not enable. Smart move. Your blog is so popular, all you'd be doing is answering comments instead of raising your lovely family. Anyhow, new fan / follower here and I hope we will be in touch from time to time. Some by Ducks n a Row today to share you button post?

  3. Hi Jennifer! I love your blog!! I love all of your fall ideas and recipes! Well, all of your holiday and well, everyday ideas too! Your self descript is fabulous! I feel totally the same about all of the above (except I am not very OCD or a neat freak, I am a wanna be though :) Especially about lovin' my Jesus and a good page turner book! Thank you for sharing your beautiful world!

  4. Hi! I just found your blog! I'm excited to browse around. I love Jesus Christ, my kids, an old fashioned book and hot chocolate, and raisins, and hiking. And... I have no idea what GRITS is! Yup, I'm a California girl.

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Sounds like we both love a lot of the same things. So happy to "meet" you. :)
      Oh, by the way...GRITS are Girls Raised in the South. LOL! Just a little acronym we Southern girls have come to know.

      Have a great week and thanks again for stopping by!


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