The Life of Jennifer Dawn: It's Eli's Half Birthday!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Eli's Half Birthday!

Tim and I both wrote letters to Eli today.  He is now six months old--too young to read the letters at this point in his little life, but hopefully they will be very meaningful to him someday.  Here they are...

 Dear Eli,
     You are six months old today!  Where does the time go?  Six months ago I held you in my arms for the first time.  I will never forget the moment I first looked at your sweet face.  Tears were streaming down my face as the word FINALLY kept running through my mind.  Finally I had another sweet baby to hold in my arms.  Finally I had another wonderful blessing in my life.  I remember when I first learned we were going to be blessed with you.  I was so in love with you already, but also so scared of loosing you like I had the two pregnancies before you.  How amazing our God is!  What a blessing you and your sister are!  You both are so special to me for so many reasons!  Your sweet smile lights up my days.  May you never loose that delightfully happy spirit.  You gaze at the world and everyone around you with such curiosity.  May you never loose your inquisitive nature.  I love watching you grow and learn.  Right now you are rolling over and scooting around trying desperately to keep up with your sissy who you seem to absolutely adore.  Soon enough you will be playing right along with her.  Witnessing all your milestones is truly amazing!  Boy, how you are growing and how you can eat!  You are already in 12 month clothing and gobble down every bottle and bit of food you are given.  You are even holding your own bottle now.  Well, sometimes...most times you prefer to be held and snuggled when you have a bottle, but you have successfully held it all on your own.  Although you love to eat, your favorite activity seems to be reading a book together.  How you love to sit in front of me and play with the pages as I read.  How I love to read to you!  Oh, how I love just being with you!  Sweet boy, may your always know how much you are loved.  This is only the beginning of your beautiful life!

All my love,

Dear Eli,
     I can't believe it has already been six months since the day you were born.  You have grown and learned so much since then.  I thought Lydia was little until you graced us with your presence, and now she seems so big.  It has been amazing to watch your development, and I continue to wonder every day what types of interests you will develop and how you will continue to develop over the course of your life.  I hope I am a great example to you on how to be a great man one day.  Please know that through everything, the good and the bad, I will always love you, and I apologize in advance if I ever come across as too hard on you.  I just want to help you develop into the best you can be.  I will always love you and look forward to all the future father/son moments we will enjoy together.  Happy Six Months Day!

                                                                                                                 Your Father

Happy Half Birthday, Eli!  We love you!

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