The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Family Photo Session with Lori Johnson

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Family Photo Session with Lori Johnson

In honor of Lydia Grace turning three and Eli turning 6 months, we decided to have the fabulous Lori Johnson do a family photo shoot.  She really is a miracle worker because in between Lydia Grace deciding that she was "all done with pictures" and Eli spitting up all over himself, Tim and me...she still manage to take some great photos.  What a lovely, patient woman you are, Lori!

Lori is the face behind the blog Chickadees Everything Blog.  I would direct you to her fabulous Etsy shop, but she is taking a little break right now from Etsy because--I hope she doesn't mind me telling you--she is expecting a little one!  Just in case you missed her guest post from last August, you can click here to see the amazing tutorial she shared with us then.  

Thank you so much, Lori, for taking these photos for us! 

Our Family

Sweet Siblings

Lydia Grace

Up, up, and away!

Kisses and Smiles with Eli

*All photos for this post were taken by Lori Johnson.
Happy Spring!




  1. These photos are just incredible! I just found your sweet blog, and I am definitely a new follower.


  2. So cute!! You look so pretty in these Jennifer!

  3. I'm loving the new pictures!
    It's crazy how fast these little ones grow and change!

  4. Their outfits turned out great! These are such great pictures! You all are the cutest family ever :)


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