The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Lydia Grace in Her Mommy's Wedding Dress

Monday, January 2, 2012

Lydia Grace in Her Mommy's Wedding Dress

I originally saw this idea on Pinterest and pinned it here 
(Don't you just love Pinterest!)
I just knew that I wanted to try this with Lydia Grace!
 She had a blast prancing around in my dress and having her picture made.  And PRANCE she did--dress gathered up in her arms, flitting around the house, showing-off kind of prancing.
My younger sister Allison is getting married December 22, 2012, so there has been a lot of wedding talk going on lately.

By the way, Allison, I wanted to let you know that L.G. says she wants to wear this dress for your wedding.  Don't worry though...
I told her that she has to wait until she gets married someday to wear it again.


  1. How sweet! Such dreamy photos.

  2. Your captures came out lovely, your daughter is a total doll in your dress. Perfect memories :)

  3. She looks so sweet! I'm so glad my pin was able to inspire you to make such a precious memory with your daughter!

  4. ok... i LOVE this idea. When my daughter gets a little older (about to turn 1), I'm going to have to do this. Wait... where IS my wedding dress. hmmmm.... might have to locate it first!

    And thanks for linking up to the!


  5. Gorgeous photography!!! I have a few of my sweet little B in my dress and they're some of my favorite for sure!!! She's DARLING! You must be so incredibly proud!!!

    XO, Aimee


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