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Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Post of 2012

I always feel so much pressure when writing the first post of a brand new year.  Should it be thought provoking, funny, inspiring, or even just ordinary?  It's the first post of the year, so it should be something great.  Right?  Should it be about motherhood, a craft, new recipe, or some random topic?  How will I push this blog into the year 2012?  Ugh.  Do you see what I mean?  

Let's just go with...
typing about what is on my mind right now...

Do you have any New Year's traditions?  I have a few.

Tradition #1:  I always make cheese fondue for our New Year's Eve celebration paired with a bubbly beverage and a chocolate dessert. 
Lydia Grace really got into the spirit of things this year.  She devoured a good portion of the fondue and sparkling grape juice last night.
She also excitedly ran around the house wearing a festive hat, blowing into a noisemaker, and shouting, "Happy New Year".
Easygoing Eli just sat back and smiled or slept while she joyfully celebrated.
Knowing that Lydia Grace isn't old enough to stay up until midnight, we pulled up this countdown on the internet for her to watch and celebrate with right before both kids went to bed.  What fun!

Tradition #2:  I always buy a new calendar on the first day of the year.  
My mom already took care of this little tradition for me.  She purchased one of Joni Eareckson Tada's planners for me to use this year.  Thanks, mom!  It is the planner that my mom has ordered and used herself for years.
Are you familiar with Joni and her story?  Click here if you are interested in reading more about her.  She is such an inspiring lady! I think I am going to really enjoy using her planner.  In the January section of the calendar Joni put a note encouraging the owner to choose a verse for the year--one that will serve as their motto or inspiration for the year ahead...
That brings me to my final New Year's tradition...

Tradition #3: I make resolutions!
Hmmm...this is the one New Year's tradition that may have found its end.  Last night, I looked over my 2011 resolutions, and just ended up depressing myself.  There are so many of them that I still have not accomplished.  I found myself dwelling on all of the things that I hadn't managed to do in 2011.  I started questioning, "What in the world did I do?"  Determined to turn my focus onto more positive thoughts, I put together the previous post.  It was entitled, "Top 11 of 2011".  In it I highlighted the top posts from the year.  Looking back over all of the posts from 2011 reminded me of the things that I DID manage to do, and I began feeling a lot more productive.  The truth is...I often have grand plans and ambitions, but like so many others don't always have the time or energy to bring them to fruition.

rather than making resolutions this year that may never amount to a hill of beans, I have decided to honor Joni's suggestion and choose a verse for the year instead.  Want to know which I have chosen?  It's John 10:10.

That is God's desire for us--to live a full life during our brief time on this earth!
This year isn't going to be about what I did or didn't accomplish.  It is going to be about living life fully and abundantly.  I want to focus on being present--enjoying whatever life has handed me at that particular moment.  I want to stop looking forward to things that may never happen and focus on the joy of each beautiful moment.  I guess if I were to choose a single word for the year like so many others do it would be...
Just that...
LIVE in the moment, savor every joy, soak up each miracle, LIVE fully and abundantly for the one who has given us LIFE!

 I challenge you  to choose your own verse for this year just like Joni's suggestion challenged me.

I'm so excited to see what joys 2012 brings!  Here's to abundantly living this year with purpose while being fully present in each minute--all 525,600 of them.  And here's to being thankful to the one who came so that we could have life!

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  1. I love your idea of choosing a verse for a year. That is SUCH a cool idea! Love your photo & verse too. :)


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