The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Tutorial: Ruffle Camera Strap Cover

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tutorial: Ruffle Camera Strap Cover

Back in May, my birthday present from Tim and Lydia Grace was my first DSLR camera.  I finally graduated from the basic point and shoot--still on auto though.  Although I have grown quite attached to my new treasure, the camera strap was bland to say the least.  The solution: a girly camera strap cover complete with pink ruffle (My husband now cringes at the thought of taking pictures with the DSLR camera.  Oh well, he can just use the old point and shoot.  It's blue.  Well, actually it's teal, but that is still more manly than pink.)  

Here's an easy way to hide your own bland camera strap.  (I know there are probably a ton of camera strap tutorials floating around blogland, but this one is SO simple.  I promise!)

*sewing machine
*basic sewing supplies

1. Cut (or tear) a 40 in. by 1 1/2 in. strip of fabric for the ruffle.  (I love to tear my fabric.  It ensures that the pieces are straight, and I just love the sound it makes.)  Use a serger or the zigzag stitch on your sewing machine like I did to sew around the entire perimeter of the strip.  This will keep your edges from fraying.

2. Sew a gathering stitch straight down the middle of the strip of fabric.

3. Tug at the end strands to create a ruffle that measures 25 in. long.

4. Cut (or tear) 2 more strips of fabric.  These will be the covering for your camera strap and need to measure 25 in. by 2 1/2 in.

5. Pin your ruffle to the front of one of the cover strips and sew it in place by stitching straight down the middle and over the top of the gathering stitch.

6. Sew a piece of ribbon over the top of these stitches to give it a more polished look.

7. Place the two cover strips right sides together and sew down one side using a 1/4 in. seam allowance.  Open it up and turn the cover over with the wrong side facing you.  Fold each of the shorter ends over twice.  I folded my ends over 3/4 in. each time.  Pin in place and sew down the middle of the folded portions.  This gives your cover nicely hemmed ends.

8. Once you have hemmed the shorter ends of your cover, fold it back in half with the right sides facing each other and sew down the open side using a 1/4 in. seam allowance.

9. Turn you strap cover right side out and dress your camera strap with it.  It's that simple!
Happy Picture Taking!


  1. I don't do sewing machines at all but seems like it would be easy enough to maybe bug my best friend to make me one haha.

  2. That is so cute! We would love for you to come share this at our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday" link party!

    The Sisters @

  3. too cute!!! :)

  4. This looks awesome! Love the girly little ruffle and the splash of pink! And what a great camera! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party.. can't wait to see what you share next week!

  5. What a great idea! Thanks for the tutorial. I just bought my first dslr too- the nikon d3000. I think a cute strap will have to be my next project!

  6. I love this! I made a simple non-ruffled one last year, but your tut makes it look easy to cute it up! Thanks! (Saw you on SixSisters)

  7. This is so cute! I have been wanting to make one of these for a while!! I am visiting from Sumo's Sweet Stuff and I am a new follower!!! I hope you have a great week and that I see you around soon!!

  8. I just got a new camera. I think I really need one of these. Thanks for sharing.

  9. This is beautiful. I've seen strap covers on etsy and always wondered if I could just make one myself...and now I can so thanks! I found you over at Tip Junkie. Your blog is beautiful!

  10. this turned out awesome! i love the fabric:)

  11. I have seen another ruffle one by the original camera strap gal but this one looks much simpler to follow!!

  12. I've been wanting to try this for cute! Love the colors you chose! So glad you linked up again at the Tuesday To Do Party!

  13. So cute! Love the ruffle. Following from Sumo‘s Sweet Stuff link party. Would love to have you link this up to my {wow me} wednesday link party going on right now over on my blog. Hope to see you there.


  14. So cute and girly! I want one of these for my camera. You've made it look easy to make.

  15. Love this! thanks for sharing.

    love your blog too!

  16. Definitely need to make one of these! You seem to have a lot of "cuteness" going on here in your Blog. I'm a new follower and would love to have you follow back!

  17. This has been on my to-do list forever. Love how you added the ruffle!

  18. Hi, girl! Congratulations on making it to this week's featured projects. Votation is on going. Do grab a featured button if you fancy so ^^)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  19. This has been on my to do list forever!!!! Thanks for the awesome tutorial!! SO pretty! Love your colors!

    We host a linky party “Help a Momma Out” every Tuesday. This would be a perfect link up! Please feel free to add it :) We appreciate it! Thanks for sharing!


  20. congratulations on making it to the final round of TSWL's finest!

  21. congratulation on making it to the final round of TSWL's Finest of July 2011. Votation already started ^^)

    Good luck! and have a lovely weekend!

  22. I made 2 of these for gifts today! Thank you for the great tutorial! It made it super easy. My sister said that she has been looking for one for a long time, & that this was by far the cutest one she had seen. She was so excited. Thanks again.

  23. Adorable! I have been meaning to make one for my camera and I love how simple and flirty this one is. Pinning!

  24. Very cute camera strap cover! I just made one of these recently, also. It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Thanks for sharing your tutorial!


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