The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Packing

Friday, June 3, 2011


We (Tim, Lydia Grace, my mom, my dad, and I) are leaving today for a family beach vacation.  We will be traveling as far as Valdosta, Georgia today and then continuing on to Anna Maria Island near Sarasota, Florida tomorrow.  Lydia Grace has been talking about the beach non-stop.  We have been hearing a lot of exclamations of, "I go to beach!"

I am very excited about the beach and relaxation part of the trip, but I am not very excited about the getting there part where I will have to get out of the car, walk around, and stretch my legs frequently--pregnancy and travel.  Gee whiz!  Tim and I usually just get in the car and drive without stopping.  Eli is so worth having to make the extra stops though.
A part of me is also dreading the travel part because I am not sure I am ready for a 12+ hour car trip with a toddler who hates being in the car and is in the beginning stages of potty training. Probably not...but here we go...  It will all be worth it when we arrive.

Two things are for certain...
It will be an adventure, and we will be well packed with plenty of snacks, drinks, toys, pull-ups, clothes, bathing suits, sunscreen, shoes, fashion accessories...  

Yes, those are important too.  I'll confess that I am not a light packer.  I told Tim last night that maybe one day I will learn the art of packing light.  He responded with a BIG, "Or probably not.  I still love you though."

I may be a heavy packer but I have a system.  Want to hear it?

1. First, I lay out all outfits complete with accessories and shoes.

2. Then, the jewelry for each outfit is place into its own zippy bag.

3. The outfit ensembles are then packed away on top of each other in a large suitcase.  It makes it easy to get dressed while on vacation.  All I have to do is pull out the next outfit, accessory bag, and pair of shoes from the suitcase.

4. I have a little bit of a difference system for packing toiletries, but my system keeps me from ever leaving anything behind.  I pull out a toiletry tote the morning that we are scheduled to leave, and as I get ready that morning, I pack everything I use into the tote after I am done with it--everything from shower to make-up.

5. Lists help me remember everything else from sunscreen to snacks to cameras and chargers.

I am packed and ready to go!
FLORIDA here we come!

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