The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Onesie and Tutu Ensemble (Part 3)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Onesie and Tutu Ensemble (Part 3)

The Doily Onesie Tutorial

*paper doilies
*spray adhesive
*fabric paint
*sponge paint
*small paint brush

1. Gather your supplies.  Before you begin painting, place a piece of paper inside the onesie to keep the paint from bleeding through.  
Note: I also pre-wash my onesies before I do anything crafty with them.
2. Spray one side of a few paper doilies with spray adhesive in order to create sticky stencils that can be placed on the front of the onesie.  Place the stencils wherever you desire.  I let a few of mine run off the sides of the onesie.  Once your doily stencils are in place, use a sponge brush and fabric paint to paint over the stencils.  You may need a paint brush with a small bristle tip to get into some of the smaller places on the doily stencil.  Peel the doily stencils off of the onesie and let it dry.
 3.  Once the paint has dried, find an adorable child to wear your jazzed up onesie creation.

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