The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Onesie and Tutu Ensemble (Part 2)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Onesie and Tutu Ensemble (Part 2)

The Tutu Tutorial 
This is such a fun, simple way to make a tutu!

*6 yards of tulle
*thread that matches the tulle
*3/8 inch elastic
*one safety pin
*several sewing pins
*sewing machine

1. Lay the tulle out to its full length.  It should be a double-layered rectangle that is six yards long.  Fold the tulle in half bringing the two shorter ends together.  Fold it in half a second time bringing the shorter ends together again.  The fabric should now be a rectangle that is 1 1/2 yards in length.  Fold the fabric in half one final time, but bring the longer sides together this time.  Now you have one long side of the rectangle with a folded edge and the other long side of the rectangle with raw edges.  On the long folded side of the rectangle, measure one inch from the edge and fold the tulle over on itself.  Use a pin to secure the fold.
2. Continue measuring, folding, and pinning this same edge in order to create a waistband that is one inch in width.
 3. Once you have secured the one inch waistband with pins, you are ready to start sewing.
 4. Sew along the entire inside edge of the waistband being careful to still sew through all of the layers.  Depending on the tulle and your machine, you may need to lift the foot of your sewing machine a few times in order to reposition the fabric.
5. Use the chart below to cut an appropriate length of 3/8 inch elastic. 
Note:  When sewing a tutu that is smaller than a 2T, you may need to trim a few inches of tulle off from the raw edge of the rectangle in order to make it an appropriate length.
6. Attach a safety pin to the lead end of the elastic in order to feed it through the tube created by sewing the waistband.  Be sure to hold tightly to the tail end of the elastic while threading the lead end through the waistband.  Once you have threaded the elastic all the way through, remove the safety pin, overlap the two ends of the elastic, and use a zig zag stitch to sew the two ends together.
7. Evenly distribute the gathers of tulle around the elastic.  Now you have created a cute tutu for your little ballerina to dance and twirl in.
Happy twirling!


  1. this is sooo cute! I wish I had a little girl I could make one for ;-)

  2. Your tutorial pictures came out wonderful! Visiting from Spotlight Yourself.

  3. I love the heck did you figure this out? Tulle to me is sort of difficult to deal with--so glad you did a tute on it! I'm thinking of making an adult version, in all white, a layering that fairy dust organza on top. Then picture a white corset bodice, with a red satin sash waist thing.....ohhh! Maybe I'll actually do it. :o) cheers,

  4. Oh, I love this idea! I am so going to try this out! Found you on New Friend Friday at the Girl Creative. Looking forward to seeing more of your great ideas!

  5. Your little darling looks so cute twirling around in her new tutu! I love how making one lets you pick the color you want. I will have to look for blue tulle since that's ER's favorite color and she's been asking for one! Thank you for the tute and for joining us at A Crafty Soiree!

  6. This is so sweet. Thanks for the great tute-- I have always wondered about how to make these. Thanks so much for linking it up to A Crafty Soiree!

  7. love it thanks for sharing I think I'll attempt this one:)

  8. Jen,you are so creative!

  9. Thank you for this great tutorial! I love this style of tutu so much more than the strips of tulle. They always get tangled... looking forward to giving this a try, soon! :)


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