The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Organize Your Linen Closet (Part 2)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Organize Your Linen Closet (Part 2)

This is so much better!  Awww...I can just sigh when I look at it.  No more dirty, little secret hidden away in this closet.  It was one of those places I just didn't worry about when we first moved in, but now it is a space I don't mind guests seeing.

There are two kinds of cleaning in my book...
* Surface Cleaning: Cleaning all of the things that people see when they come over
* Deep Cleaning: Cleaning all of the things that people DON'T see when they come over

Here are some tips for deep cleaning your linen closet.
1. Empty everything out!  (I know this makes a gigantic mess, but it gives you a clean slate.)
2. Make three piles: KEEP, PUT SOMEWHERE ELSE, and GET RID OF.
3. Nicely fold or roll the linens you are keeping.
4. Use baskets, closet organizers, or other containers to store soaps, tissues, towels, sheets...
5. Have a basket in your linen closet for guest toiletries.  (I save unopened hotel soaps and shampoo, as well as, sample lotions and toiletries for guests to use when they stay overnight.  When you have overnight guests, lay a few of these toiletry items out in the guest bathroom on some nicely folded towels.)
6. First, decide where you want to place the baskets and containers and then you can start placing the folded towels and sheets.  Use the top shelf for rarely used linens.
7. Keep fabric sprays and air fresheners in this space, so they will also be handy when you need them.
8. Use labels on the your hubby will know where to put things back.

Ready to tackle your own dirty, little secrets?


  1. Very nice job on our closet, Jennifer. It looks great! Susan

  2. That has inspired me to get to work on mine. Yours turned out lovely. Thanks for sharing, ~~Sherry~~

  3. A clean, organized closet is total eye candy to me! Beautiful job!
    And I love your shower curtain!

  4. it looks like a magazine photo. well done & yes indeed, inspirational.

  5. it looks wonderful. wish I had a linen closet.

  6. What a gorgeous closet! I always try to put out guest toiletries when we have the rare overnight guest. I love the idea of just having it ready to go!

  7. Great advice! The linen closet is on my list of things to tackle. Not sure mine will turn out so cute, but I'll definitely be deep cleaning.

  8. OH YES! Much better! Great job! I'm loving the dark colored baskets. Super cute!

  9. Looks so serene!

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  10. It looks beautiful!! Just perfect - love the baskets too!

  11. I was just reading your profile and I thought wow, she works too!! (and manages to find time for the "other stuff". Nice to see!!

    This closet came out great. Coming over from Bowl full of lemons.


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