The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Organize your Linen Closet (Part 1)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Organize your Linen Closet (Part 1)

Everyone has their little secrets they hide away.  One of my dirty little secrets is despite my obsession with being organized and clean, I have been hiding clutter in my closets.  Can you believe it?!  Me?!  Clutter?!  I can't believe I am even going to show this to you was my linen closet before I decided to "come clean".

Pretty scary, huh?  Well, check back tomorrow to see the results of my decluttering.


  1. Since I saw the after I decided to check out the before as well. Not anywhere near as messy as my linen closet! :)

  2. Not scary at all. In fact, in my world, this is the after picture. ;)

  3. your "before" linen closet picture looks better than my "after"!! :)


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