The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Printable Chores Cards and Checklists

Monday, July 3, 2017

Printable Chores Cards and Checklists

Are you expecting guests this summer? Get the guest bathroom in tip top shape with these printable chore cards! They're perfect to use when enlisting the kids' help, and the main checklist just might become your go-to method when you need to do a thorough but quick clean. Many thanks go out to Cottonelle for inspiring a well-stocked, clean bathroom!
We just finished a bathroom remodel!
My husband and I recently remodeled the kids' bathroom which also doubles as the bathroom our guests use when they come. I'm so excited to share with you all of the changes and projects we squeezed into that tiny 5 ft. by 5 ft. space. Consider this your sneak peek because that post is coming very soon!

Our newly remodeled bathroom is probably the cleanest room in the whole house right now. Which is saying a lot because it looked like a construction zone just before that. With three young children, keeping the bathrooms squeaky clean is never an easy feat. I plan on enlisting some help, though. Cue the kids because they are about to get some training in the fine art of housekeeping with these cute chore cards. It's important to the hubby and me that our kids' take on some of the responsibility of helping to keep the house clean. It's important for them too--even if they don't understand that yet. These little chore cards are sure to make the tasks a little more fun and manageable.

Keeping the Bathroom Well-stocked
Part of keeping the bathroom clean, functional, and presentable for both guests and for our family means keeping it well-stocked with fresh towels and toilet paper. Those tasks are even included on the chore cards!

Does anyone else feel like they are constantly running out for toilet paper? We picked up Cottonelle Mega Rolls on our most recent grocery trip to Walmart. Now the bathroom is stocked for the entire summer.

For those days that I don't feel like going through the store with three kids begging for every sweet treat they can get their hands on--y'all know what I'm talking about--Walmart has made getting my groceries and household essentials super easy. Have you tried their convenient grocery pick-up? I have and it was wonderful to just shop online, drive to the store, and have an employee bring everything out to me. They even let me inspect the produce and then loaded everything into the car for me. Easy peasy! Check here to see if this service is available in your area. That's Cottonelle and Walmart for the win on helping me keep the bathroom well-stocked this summer.
Keeping the Bathroom Clean
Here's my method for a 20-minute bathroom clean-up. (And let me tell you! This bathroom needed a good clean-up after our remodel was complete.) You'll notice that the checklist card and the task cards are color coded for the different phases.
Pink--Out with the Old
I take the dirty laundry out. Usually, I wait to take it to the laundry room until I'm done cleaning because I add my cleaning towels to the pile. I remove all of the clutter and put everything where it is supposed to go. Then the trash goes out too.
This is the phase where everything gets sprayed and cleaned. The quickest way to do this is to just spray everything down at once. The sink, shower, tub, toilet, and counter all get sprayed. That gives the cleaner some time to work its "magic". I use one towel to wipe down the counter, sink, and toilet--in that order. Then I use a second towel for the shower, tub, and even the baseboards. I finish off with the mirror and a fresh towel and glass cleaner because I also give the faucets and drains a second wipe for added shine. This is a good time to give the light switch and door knob a good swipe too.
Gold--In with the New
Fresh towels and toilet tissue rolls are put out.
Since cleaning should happen from top to bottom, the floors are the last phase. I use a microfiber dry mop to sweep them. Then I use a wet mop to finish the job.
Using the Chore Cards
There are so many ways to use these bathroom chore cards. The individual tasks are perfect for the kids to flip through as they work their way through the cleaning process. You can even split the cards up between your kids to assign them different jobs. The checklist card can be used as a reward punch card for the kids. Once they get all of their punches, they earn extra screen time or another reward of your choosing.

The checklist can also be used as a handy cheat sheet for moms. I work better when there is a list to follow. There is something so satisfying about marking something off a list. And lately, I can use all the motivation I can get when it comes to cleaning. Are you like that too? If so, use the checklist cards to checkmark yourself to a clean bathroom.

Modeling is one of the best ways to teach kids. I'm using the checklist when cleaning the master bathroom and dividing the individual task cards between my kids so they can clean their bathroom at the same time. Whether for you or for the kids, these chore cards make the tasks more manageable, fun, and efficient.
Free Printables!
Grab your copy of the individual chore cards and the punchable checklists by visiting the links below. Simply click, print, and cut out! Then you're on your way to a squeaky clean bathroom. Be sure to check back because I'm going to make these for other areas of the home. Which area would you like cards for? Kitchen? Bedrooms? Living room? Let me know in the comments below.

Grab this great deal!
I've already shared a few of my cleaning secrets. But I'm about to share another one of my mom hacks...secrets...whatever you want to call them. We are a family of five living on a very modest income. I've often had friends ask me how we make it with me being a stay-at-home mom, owning a house, two get the idea. I'll save most of those tips and tidbits for another post, but I'll share with you right now where most of our Christmas budget comes from. Rebate apps! Yes, I'm able to save hundreds of dollars every year using rebate apps. That's my spending money to buy gifts for Christmas.

My favorite rebate app is Ibotta. In a nutshell, the app works by offering rebates on purchases you're probably already making. They also have bonus offers you need to watch out for. You add an offer, make the purchase, scan your receipt, and the rebate money is added to your account. I simply have the money transferred to Paypal when I'm ready to cash out. Right now Ibotta is offering a rebate on Cottonelle. You can get $1 back when you purchase Cottonelle Mega Rolls at Walmart. Looks like it's time to grab the app for yourself and start saving. Right?
Isn't she a cute little helper? Have you snagged the Ibotta app yet and stocked up Cottonelle? How do you plan to use these printable chore cards? Would you like to see some for another area of the home? Let me know if the comments below and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming chore card collections.
Happy cleaning!
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