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Friday, January 13, 2017

Printable Coloring Pages for Kids -- Goldfish

Coloring has made a BIG comeback in recent years. This simple pastime is a great quiet time activity for kids. Coloring isn't just for children, though. Break out the crayons and markers and enjoy these printable coloring pages right along with your kids. They feature cute, happy Goldfish that will have everyone smiling! Best of all...these coloring pages are completely FREE to print right here from the blog.
Coloring is an activity with loads of benefits. It improves focus, fosters creativity, and sharpens fine motor skills. Tasty snacks and fun coloring pages create an environment that encourages the whole family to sit down and enjoy quality time together. That might be the best benefit of all!

Snack Time Shopping
Shopping is another activity that the kids and I enjoy doing together. During our last trip to Target, we picked up a few snacks for lunches and snack time. Goldfish crackers--with their promise of no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors--are a snack that I can feel good about serving my kids. They are also fun and tasty! I have to admit that I may have enjoyed a few handfuls Goldfish Cheddar crackers right along with my two oldest kids. So good!
Need an activity for your kids? Below you'll find two printables. The color by number is super fun! Once the fish are colored, the kids can create unique backgrounds for their fish-shaped friends. The pattern page also offers an opportunity for creative coloring. Color the existing patterns in bright, beautiful colors or draw additional squiggles and doodles. Pair Goldfish crackers with these cute coloring pages and you'll have a snack time that will have everyone giggling over crayons and colorful fish.
Click the links below to download, save, and print these fun coloring pages.

More Fun
How do you foster smile worthy moments with your kids? Goldfish crackers have even more ways to spend time together and win BIG. Visit this site to get inspired and learn more about the Goldfish Tales Animation Xperience. In the meantime, enjoy these fun printable pages!
Happy coloring!
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