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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Printable: Color Memory Games

Playing games together is a simple and fun way to enjoy quality time as a family. And these printable versions of the long-time favorite game MEMORY make having your next family game night super easy. Throw in some snacks like Goldfish crackers and you'll be sharing smiles together in no time.
I'll admit it! I'd much rather play a board or card game than a video game any ole day. And Memory has been a favorite game for families for decades. It's active and entertaining but simple enough that even young children can join in on the fun. Two players? Four players? Teams? It all works! The game of Memory lends itself to multiple generations and variations.

Not only is this game a fun way to spend time together, it's educational too! The game of Memory sharpens concentration, observation, and memory skills. These printable versions also give preschoolers practice on color identification and young children practice on recognizing and reading color words. Yes, I'm giving you multiple printables for multiple ways to play!

Below you'll find a version that requires the players to match fish of the same color. Which is why pairing the game with a Goldfish snack is ideal! That and the fact that Goldfish crackers are baked with real cheese and contain NO artificial flavors or preservatives. They're a snack you can feel good about giving your kids during a family event like Game Night. And I'm guessing since you're taking the time to look at this post, that's something that's important to you.

There is also a version of the game for matching a color block to its corresponding color name. This version comes two ways--with the text colored correctly for a little hint and with the text in black for more of a challenge. You can even combine the different versions for one HUGE, epic game of Memory with the family. Whichever way you're sure to have fun!

Ready to start your own Family Game Night? It would make an excellent weekly tradition! I'll make it easy for you this week and even pick the game. Keep reading to see how to print off and prepare these colorful, fun versions of Memory. Oh, and don't forget to grab those snacks!


Below you'll find the links to print off copies of the games. Print, cut, and play. It's that easy!


Scrounge up a cardboard box to store your game cards in for future fun. I adhered the title card and rule card to the lid of our box. Don't have a box? Just stash your pieces away in a plastic bag and pull them out when you want to play again.


Here are all the printables and links you'll need!


Ready to play? Grab the family, a few snacks, and let the fun begin!


Check out this video to see the game in action!

Image Map

Here's a great image to pin and share!

Print this colorful game off, grab a few Goldfish snacks, and enjoy some smiles with your family! Be sure to also visit the Goldfish website and Pinterest page for ideas on more ways to have fun together as a family. You'll also find contests and opportunities to win some awesome prizes!
Happy family fun!

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