The Life of Jennifer Dawn: The Secret to Potty Training Success

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Secret to Potty Training Success

I'm in the Trenches of Potty Training!

I'm interrupting the normal flow of crafts and recipes to bring you some adventures from potty training. I don't usually dive into parenting posts here on my personal blog. I've written a few for other sites, but here I usually stick with the cute crafts, recipes, life, and such. A big chunk of my time right now is being dedicated to potty training my third child, so this fits into that murky life category.

It's Challenging!

Potty training is often one of the most challenging parts of mothering small children. After successfully training my two older children, and finding myself in the midst of training my third, I've learned the secret method to successfully navigating this potty training stage of life. Yes, that right! I've discovered a game-changing method that will revolutionize how you train your child! Ready to know what this be-all and end-all secret method is?


The BIG secret is...that there isn't one! There is not ONE secret formula to success. What works for one parent or child may not work for another. Bear with me though! Every child is so different. Am I right?! So it only makes sense that they'd each learn differently. That's why I love that Pull-Ups® has teamed up with renowned child psychologist and potty training expert Dr. Heather Wittenberg to create a method that takes the guesswork out of potty training. There is always some uncertainty when it comes to potty training. What's really going to work? Each child is unique and special in his or her own way, and responds better to certain methods over others. Based on research and observation of personality types in young children, Pull-Ups® has developed five potty training personalities: the Puppy, the Owl, the Bear Cub, the Turtle and the Squirrel. You can take this brief quiz to determine which personality your child resembles. The personality quizzes floating around the internet are always fun to take. This is one that's actually helpful. Knowing your child’s potty personality will help you find customized advice and tips to guide you through the potty training journey.
Some kids are terrified of the potty and stubbornly refuse to even sit on it--my oldest. Others skip the whole process and get it from DAY ONE--my middle son. Those are the success stories that breed the posts and articles where you read about fool-proof methods to train your child in 3, 2, and maybe even 1 day. Articles like that often leave mothers frustrated and scratching their heads wondering what they're doing wrong when the experiences they are reading about doing coincide with their own.

You've Got This

Let me encourage you today, sweet mama. With a lot of love and patience, you and your child will figure this whole potty training thing out together. Just take it one day at a time. And don't get discouraged when your child isn't one of those widely popular success stories of a child being completely trained in one weekend.

Our Experiences

My middle child used the potty the first time he ever sat on it, and THAT was IT. Success! It wasn't due to anything I had or hadn't done. He was motivated. He was ready. And I was more than ready since I was in a season of doing double diaper duty. The stars aligned. That was not the case with my firstborn who was very stubborn about the whole process. And that certainly hasn't been the case with my youngest. With diagnosed developmental delays and sensory processing disorder, we are moving along at his pace. There have been victories and defeats, but we are making progress each day, and that is what's important.

Change is extremely difficult for my youngest child. The high-interest characters on his Pull-Ups® Training Pants made the adjustment from diapers to training pants much easier though. They look and fit more like underwear, giving him the independence to slide them on and off, while also providing consistency for his learning style throughout this potty training journey. By the way, according to the quiz my little guy is a squirrel, and the Pull-Ups® website had some great tips to fit his own unique personality. You can discover your child's potty training personality by clicking here. It's the first step to finding out what will work best for your own little potty trainee.

Celebrate your child's successes! Find what works for them. Be consistent and patient. We've got this!

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Happy potty training!
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