The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Happy birthday!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Happy birthday!

Birthday interviews are a fun tradition to do with your kids. They are also a great way to preserve memories. Can you recall that time your child said they wanted to be a doctor? Oh, and do you remember that toy they loved so much when they were five? Doing a yearly birthday interview is a special way to capture all of those milestones and remember their favorite things at each age. Below you'll find a printable birthday interview to use for your child's next birthday. Do one each year and store them together in a binder. It's sure to become a collection that you and your child will treasure forever!

Seven years ago I held my oldest child in my arms for the first time--my baby girl. I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that it's been that many years. My dad used to always say that time flies when you're having fun, and this girl and I certainly have fun together. During the past seven years, she has grown from a beautiful baby with cute, chubby cheeks to a sweet young girl with a heart of gold. I'm so blessed to be her momma! I just wanted to take a moment here on the blog today to wish my girl a very happy birthday and share her birthday interview and a few pictures!

Here's a blank copy of the printable for you to fill out with your child. Just right click, save, open, and print. It's that easy to begin your own birthday interview tradition!

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Did you notice what Lydia Grace said her favorite outfit is? She loves ones with tutus. Her favorite place to get outfits from is FabKids. They always have a beautiful selection of tulle skirts. It's the dancer in her--she feels girly and beautiful in a tutu-inspired look! I think this flowy, pink skirt is my favorite one yet! Here's my sweet girl in her birthday outfit from FabKids!
Lydia is wearing the glitter mesh slip on shoes with glitter heart top and hi-low tulle skirt all from FabKids! It's the perfect birthday outfit. Here's a little more about this fabulous clothing company for kids...

FabKids offers beautifully made, perfectly personal, super stylish and surprisingly well-priced clothes made just for your kids.

How It Works:
  1. Get to know each other. Parents take a fun quiz for their FabKid and get their own FabShop every single month.
  2. Pick or Skip. No obligation to buy. Parents are busy! We make it easy to shop what they like, or “skip the month.”
  3. VIP Status. (Very Impressive Parents!) Our members kids love what they are wearing, while getting the value they so richly deserve.

VIP Perks:
  • Up to 50% Off Regular Prices
  • Stock-Up Savings: We get it, kids grow. Shop stock-up packs for the best deal.
  • Exclusive Events: Early access to new, monthly collections, flash sales, exclusive sales and more!

Happy birthday, Lydia Grace!
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  1. What a cutie your daughter is! Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing the printable. My oldest is a senior this year (I think I missed the window with the printable for her) but I don't think it is too late for my ten year old! You are right, time flies and you think you will always remember things from year to year but speaking from experience, if you don't write it down-you forget as the years fly by!


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