The Life of Jennifer Dawn: The Find it Book and Hands-on Activity for Kids

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Find it Book and Hands-on Activity for Kids

Can you locate the cow jumping over the moon? Where is Little Bo Peep's lost sheep? Can you spot Humpty Dumpty? Find all of your favorite nursery rhyme characters in a whimsical new book written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Lisa Sheehan. It's The Find it Book!

The kids and I enjoyed The Find it Book so much that we extended the fun with a batch of Find It Sensory Dough. Our clear Gak recipe with tiny animals stirred in was inspired by the characters that can be found on the pages of the newest book by the author of Goodnight Moon.
Want to learn more about The Find It Book and our recipe for Find It Dough? Keep reading because you'll find all of that in this post...

Let's begin with a peek inside the book itself. I love books that are interactive and involve the kids in the reading, and this one is ideal for that! Throughout the book, the reader is instructed to find well-known characters from nursery rhymes. Oh, and the illustrations are gorgeous! Do you and your kids have a favorite nursery rhyme character? Can you find them in the video and pictures below?

Find It Clear Gak Recipe

  • 1-4 oz. bottle of clear liquid glue
  • water
  • 1 tsp. Borax
  • two mixing bowls--(1 small and 1 large)
  • spoon
  • small plastic items (beads, animals, gems...)
  1. Pour all of the glue into a large mixing bowl. Fill up the glue bottle with water and add that in with the glue. (You'll have equal parts glue and water at this point.)
  2. In the smaller mixing bowl stir together 1 tsp. Borax and 1/2 cup water until the powder is completely dissolved.
  3. Add the Borax solution to the glue and water mixture.
  4. Now add the plastic pieces to the bowl.
  5.  Stir all of the ingredients together and let them sit for a few minutes. The glue and Borax will begin to react and solidify.
  6. Give everything another stir and drain off any excess water, if necessary.
  7. Let the kids play with the Clear Gak and find all of the items hidden inside.

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Happy reading and playing!
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