The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Fabkids June Outfit Review and Our Garden

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fabkids June Outfit Review and Our Garden

How does your garden grow? Ours is growing wonderfully well! Well, if I can keep the bunnies out of it long enough for the rest of our cucumbers and tomatoes to come in.

Back in April, the kids and I started a garden. I had been asking the hubby for years to help dig one out. I guess he wasn't keen on the idea of hours of hard, dirty labor. Imagine that! {chuckle} I had decided that this was the year though...with or without his help. On Earth Day, the kids and I were driving back home from my mom's house when I suddenly got the urge to start the garden myself. We quickly veered off to the nearest hardware store for everything we needed. Six hours, 200 pounds of dirt, dozens of seedlings, one worn out momma, and three tuckered kids later
 we had our garden.

The kids have had so much fun watering, watching, and tending to our plants. We've already enjoyed a crop of peas. After several salads, the bunnies decided that I had enjoyed enough lettuce as they ate clean across the rest of those plants. They taste tested my onions too. These particular bunnies seem to not like cucumbers and tomatoes though. Our garden is brimming with those! Here's my Eli in his new outfit from Fabkids picking some of our cucumbers.

We've also been able to gather some blackberries from the bushes bursting with berries just beyond the fence. He tried to save some of the blackberries by tucking them in the pockets of his outfit. Silly boy! This colorful, cool outfit is perfect for summertime garden adventures!

If you're looking for some comfy, cute clothes for your little ones to wear this summer, take a peek at the other stylish looks from Fabkids. And be sure to keep checking back here for more on our garden adventures!

Happy gardening & shopping!

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Disclosure: This outfit was sent to me in exchange for sharing it on my blog. All opinions are my own.


  1. so cute! I love how it's such a fun, cute, outfit but totally comfy to play in!

  2. Love his outfit! So adorable. We totally need to start a garden (only allowed to use pots here and they don't grow well) so my kids can help out. Even if it's small.


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