Friday, March 13, 2015

Rocksbox Review

Raise your hand if you love jewelry! My hand is up, but I have to admit that ever since becoming a mom, I don't wear it quite as much. This subscription rekindled that love though. It also reminded me that even us busy stay at home moms deserve a little something sparkly every now and then. Opening up my ROCKSBOX felt like such a treat! Ready to see what was inside?

What is it?
Well, I'll let them tell you...
Inside the Box
My first box had these three glamorous pieces:

  1. Margaret Elizabeth Teardrop Bangle in Labradorite
  2. Charlene K Gold Circle Chain Necklace
  3. Gorjana Leda Studs

Aren't they beautiful?! I didn't keep anything from this box, but it was fun getting to wear the pieces for as long as I wanted. I hope I wore the earrings the right way. They are little feathers, and I assumed the full part of the feather went up. It was a huge leap out of my comfort zone to get in front of the camera instead of behind it, but here goes...
The Best Part
ROCKSBOX is giving my lovely readers a little gift! Use the code lifeofjenniferdawnxoxo and you can try this subscription FREE for one month. I hope you enjoy your box as much as I loved mine!

Happy subscribing!

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