The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Easy Craft for Kids: Create Treasure Jewel Magnets

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Easy Craft for Kids: Create Treasure Jewel Magnets

Here's a fun craft for the kids that will add a little sparkle to their day! Create jeweled magnets using craft gems and splashes of rich jewel toned paints! This craft is perfect for a rainy (or snowy) day or any day that your little pirate or princess is in the mood for crafting...and treasure!


1. Gather your materials and your little crafter!

2. Prepare a tray of paint for your child to paint the wooden circles. Gold paint and rich jewel tones are ideal for this project. I also love using gold paint because it has such a gorgeous sheen!

3. Let the painting begin! You'll want to coat the entire circle in paint. Let the paint dry completely before moving onto the next step. The good news is that acrylic paint dries really fast.

4. Using the Jewel-It adhesive, decorate the painted circles with craft jewels. Don't worry if your child uses too much glue. This adhesive dries clear.

5. After the craft jewels have dried, you can use a hot glue gun to adhere magnets to the backs of the bedazzled circles. That's it! Now you have sparkly magnets that are perfect for hanging the kids' treasured artwork and papers. Alternative: You could also leave the magnets off and let your little ones use their tiny treasures for pretend play--imagining them as coins, princess jewels, or pirate treasure!
Happy crafting!
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  1. How lovely! What a good idea :)

  2. This is such a sweet craft, I pinned it for later. Thanks.

  3. Absolutely love this craft! So pretty. My granddaughter, Mackenzie, would love to make these. Pinning em for later!

  4. Very cute idea! I think I need to do this with my daughter!

  5. Guess what? This craft post is Editor's Pick from last week's Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop. You will be featured at the party this week. Congrats!

  6. These are cute and clever! My daughter would love these. She has a magnet that she loves sticking to the fridge, so she'd really love to create her own special magnet. I'm pinning this!

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