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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sew Your Own Gift Card Holder

Gift cards get a makeover when tucked inside a cute gift card pocket! This sewing project is so quick and easy, you'll be able to sew several at once. And they can even double as business card holders. Ready to start sewing? Here's how to make these handy gift card pockets...

Gift Card Pocket Tutorial
1. Gather your materials.
2. Make a pattern by measuring and cutting out a 2 inch by 4 inch piece of paper and a 2.75 inch by 4 inch piece of paper. The larger pattern piece will be used to make the back panel of the pocket. Pin it onto a piece of felt and cut around it.
3. Pin the smaller pattern piece to your fabric scrap and cut around it to create the front panel of your pocket.
4. Use your pinking shears to trim across the top edge of the front fabric piece. This just gives it a more polished look.
5. Use pins to secure the front panel of the pocket onto the felt backing.
6. Stitch the two pieces together by sewing around the outside perimeter. Remember to back stitch at the start and finish. Tip: It isn't necessary to begin a new seam for each side. When you reach a corner, follow these steps: make sure the needle is down in the fabric, lift the presser foot, pivot the fabric, lower the foot, and resume sewing.
7. Use your pinking shears to trim around the outside of the pocket being careful not to cut through your stitching.
8. Place a gift card inside and give it away!

For another gift card pocket holder idea, visit this link.

Happy sewing!
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  1. Wowwwww
    This is soooooo beautiful Jennifer :)
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