The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Christmas Craft for Kids: Embossed Nutcracker Ornament

Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Craft for Kids: Embossed Nutcracker Ornament

Making ornaments with the kids has become a tradition in our home. And I've saved them all. Each year, the kids add their handmade ornaments from past and present years to a tree in each of their rooms.

As part of a collaboration with with dozens of other bloggers, one of this year's handmade ornaments was inspired by a book. Lydia Grace has been fascinated with The Nutcracker since seeing the Isabelle movie from American Girl. My little dancer picked out her own nutcracker at the store one day and begged to watch a recorded presentation of the ballet. Her enthusiasm for this classic was the inspiration behind selecting a copy of The Nutcracker by Susan Jeffers and designing an ornament with this iconic, holiday figurine.

Below you'll find directions for making our Embossed Nutcracker Ornaments, as well as, links to 70+ other kid-made ornaments. Grab your craft supplies, call your kiddo, and dive into some holiday crafting with us!

Embossed Nutcracker Ornament

  • nutcracker stamp
  • paper tags a little larger than your stamp
  • twine
  • stamp pad with pigment ink
  • embossing powder (clear or a color that matches the ink)
  • heat gun for embossing
  • colored pencils

1. Gather your materials. Let the kids press the stamp into the pigment ink and then onto their tag.
2. The kids will love this next step! Just like glitter, they can sprinkle embossing powder onto the stamped image of their nutcracker. Turn the tag over and shake off the excess powder.
3. Unless your child is older, you'll need to do this next part for them. Turn on the embossing gun and blow it onto the powder until it melts into the ink. My little ones loved watching the "magic" happen as their nutcracker became embossed. You'll know it's done when the image appears shiny and raised.
4. Let the tag cool for a few minutes.
5. Now the kids can color their nutcracker.
6. Don't color too hard on the embossed image itself. You don't want it to rub off. Splashes of color in the blank spaces are what really make it pop.
7. Once they have finished coloring, tie a piece of twine through the hole in the top of the tag.
8. Add your child's name and the date to it. Hang and enjoy!

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Happy crafting!
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  1. What a great technique! They look beautiful.

  2. These are lovely and I love love love the Nutcracker.

  3. Beautiful Jennifer Dawn - love them!

  4. We just saw the Nutcracker for the first time. It was amazing! I love your craft for kiddos! We love making fun memorable things. We make lots of fun things also. #100 Happy Days


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