The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Feeling Creative in Her Fabkids Outfit

Friday, November 7, 2014

Feeling Creative in Her Fabkids Outfit

Maybe it is the teacher in me, but I truly believe all children are artists. Their imaginations are limitless. There are no boundaries to their creative nature. Lydia Grace stopped asking a long time ago, "Mommy, am I an artist?" Now she declares in her own confident, smiling way, "Mommy, I'm an artist!" She loves to paint and has been sharpening her color mixing skills lately. It's a joy to watch her create! She has her own technique.

Open the paint up...
Squeeze it into the tray...
Careful not to spill...
Mix colors together with the brush...
Just a dab more of this and a tad more of that paint...
And finally the color is just what she's looking for...

"Mommy, look at this color I made! Look!"

All a child really needs to make a masterpiece is some paint, a few brushes, a blank canvas, and the freedom to create...
 What Lydia Grace Wore:
Sweet Sunshine Outfit from Fabkids / Clothes That Are Just As Creative As She Is
We adore the zipper at the back of the dress that coordinates with the leggings! They are both a perfect shade of sunny yellow.
Be sure to check out more unique looks from!

Happy painting!
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  1. I agree completely about kids being artists. My kids are artists, authors, and rock stars. I love that as of right now they are into being creative. I think it is a wonderful thing. I hope they don't grow up and grow out of it.

  2. I agree - kids are definitely artists. They free and express themselves without inhibitions.
    And your little girl really enjoyed herself according to these photos :)


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