The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Happy Fourth of July and a Patriotic Printable

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July and a Patriotic Printable

My dad always loved this holiday! He used to sing that song from the old Chevy commercial... "Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet!" And that is usually what our Fourth of July celebrations consisted of...

Hot dogs and burgers! (I eat vegetarian ones now.)
Perhaps a little baseball...
My mom has always enjoyed watching the Wimbeldon matches this time of year, so control of the remote control went to her.
I'd play a few patriotic songs on my momma's upright piano.
When we lived in Atlanta, Georgia, I remember piling up into daddy's old blue Chevrolet truck and going downtown to watch the fireworks. My sister and I sipped coke floats in the back of the truck while lights burst up into the dark, Georgia sky.
Apple pie! Yes, we always had apple pie and homemade ice cream. My dad was a master at making homemade ice cream.

Last year was the first Fourth of July without him, so I had a tough time. I cried over not being able to remember all the tips he gave me on how to make the perfect batch of ice cream. I cried because holidays just don't seem to feel the same without him. One year later, my heart still hurts from missing him, but I'm trying to remember and feel grateful for all the years he was around. Like that last year he was with us. The one where Eli wanted so badly to help his papa with the ice cream...
Even though daddy isn't with us in a physical sense anymore, he's still in our hearts, our memories, the stories we share about him, and the moments that we celebrate together as a family. So...from my family to yours...
Happy Fourth of July! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family celebrating this beautiful country that we are blessed to call home!

Here's a little gift for you today too...
You can download, print, and frame these printables for your own Independence Day celebrations!

Happy Fourth of July!
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