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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Customized Calling Cards

A BIG thanks to Artful Life Designs for sponsoring today's post on my new mommy calling cards.

How cute are these? Even we "executive housewives" need a calling card. If I'm sharing my number with another mommy, it often involves one of both of us fumbling through bags and purses to find one...a pen and two...something to write with. Dates will be discussed and forgotten until we check back with each other again. These Mommy/Playdate Cards are a simple and fun way to exchange information with other parents.

Note: I've covered up my phone number on the photos for this post. You know...privacy and all that.


My friends at Artful Life Designs pride themselves on providing unique, customized products. They even designed the Mama Bird Card with my three little birds and me in mind. I love how they turned out...
You can choose from several designs all with a wide assortment of color and font options. My mom is planning on ordering a set for herself with just the mama bird, her personal information, and the back left blank. For her, they will serve as cute calling cards rather than playdate cards. Visit Artful Life Designs to see the full range of their personalized products...
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Happy playdates!
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  1. Hi Jennifer - What a great idea! And if your child has allergies or special restrictions, what a brilliant way to include those for the host parent. Thanks for sharing. Pinned! Hugs, Holly

  2. These cards are soooo cute!!! I run a play date group and this would be a super fun way to introduce ourselves to other parents at the parks/library and invite them to join us!

    1. That is a great idea! I'm truly loving how convenient mine are.


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