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Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Little Ones...

A couple of weeks ago, Melissa of Simply Croft Photography did a family photo shoot for us. It's fascinating how a picture--a single moment in time--can capture so much life...

That's my sweet, strong-willed girl--running headstrong into things with a beautiful independence. She has so much of my personality in her.
Although she is quite feminine and graceful, she's also not afraid to get dirty. God knew what he was doing when he gave her brothers because she can rival any boy at digging in the dirt, collecting rocks, and catching the "bag guys" as her superhero persona.
 She has so much joyful energy...
But she also has a more quiet and nurturing spirit.
She tends to internalize things, and won't vocalize what she is feeling. When something is bothering her, I can just tell by her demeanor. It won't come out in her words.
Lydia Grace is delightful, complex, lovely and loving...
Willful, determined, caring, thoughtful, and a million other wonderful things all rolled up into this one beautiful girl that I'm beyond blessed to have in my life.
Then there's my Eli!
Most of the time, he is pure sweetness...
Bringing me flowers...
Showering me with affection...
But when things don't quite go his way, or his demands aren't immediately met, he can exhibit a bad temper. It's the age.
These are the faces I see most though...
Now, I will admit that he doesn't like strangers or settings with lots of people. For awhile, the only people he would go to were Tim, my mom, and me. He has since opened himself up to a few other friends and family members. But around others extended beyond that inner circle, he is shy and distrustful. He will not even leave my side to go to the nursery at church. He prefers to just sit with us for the service. He openly embraces those he loves and knows best though.
He's a homebody. Quiet and curious...
And completely wonderful!
Oh, and Caleb!
My happy, loving baby!
He has such a laid-back, easy-going personality and just goes with the flow.
He also possesses a boundless amount of energy and knack for getting into everything! There is a bit of a mischievous side there. Look at that grin!
I'm not sure if he is destined to be the "class clown" or the class president, but he is always laughing and happy. I already see a charismatic personality emerging.
Absolutely adorable! I could squish, hug, and kiss him endlessly.
They have my heart...
Happy memories! 
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  1. You're very blessed with this family that you have!!
    And these photos are FABULOUS !!

    1. They are such a wonderful blessing! Thanks, friend!

  2. Gorgeous photos Jennifer! Thank you for sharing your littles with us! :-)

  3. WHat a beautiful family you have Jennifer! Such gorgeous shots that you will be able to treasure forever! <3

    1. Thanks, Cindy. I'm pretty proud of my little family.


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