The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Custom Wall Art from Artful Life Designs

Friday, May 9, 2014

Custom Wall Art from Artful Life Designs

Bluebird Cottage (The name I gave our home because I'm just sentimental like that.) has three bedrooms. Once upon a time Lydia Grace was in the nursery, and we used the third room as a craft room/office/guest bedroom. Right after finding out our sweet Eli's gender, we turned the house upside down to make room for our new baby boy. The nursery was boy-ized (I know that's not a word, but let's just go with it.) The craft room became a craft closet in another part of the house. Tim's man room was converted to a den/office/confused space to hold some of the things that were previously in the third bedroom...

AND Lydia Grace was moved into the third bedroom. It was a perfect space because the room had my old bedroom furniture (big girl furniture) and shabby chic decor ideal for our girl. Over the years, I've slowly tried to make the room suite Lydia Grace even better by adding new accessories and changing out the old decor. One day I want to do a complete room makeover, but until then I'll just keep sprucing it up a little at a time.

The newest addition to the room is this print from Artful Life Designs that I framed and hung on the wall. It's personalized with Lydia Grace's name which was very exciting for her. This Etsy shop was wonderful to work with in creating a piece that would be lovely for L. G.'s room. The print is a customized version of the Baptism Print. I was able to choose the colors and the verse I wanted on it. That is one of the things I adore about this shop--they have a "you name it and we can do it" attitude.

Do you remember pieces that were on the walls of your childhood bedroom? I do! I remember the prayer that started with "Now I lay me down to sleep...", a ceramic piece hand painted by my mother, framed verses... Since I have such vivid memories of the things that graced my walls, I was deliberate in choosing the perfect verse for this print. I even called my mom to ask her what she thought would be a good choice. I finally decided on Philippians 4:8. What a beautiful passage!

Perhaps Lydia Grace will study these words and commit them to her heart the way I did years ago with the prayer and verses on my own walls.

What verse would you choose for a print in your child's room? Take a peek at Artful Life Designs for some decor inspiration for your own home. They also have some fantastic nursery and bathroom prints!
Happy decorating!
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