The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Paper Garland made from Pink Flamingo Ephemera's Paper Circles

Monday, April 14, 2014

Paper Garland made from Pink Flamingo Ephemera's Paper Circles

Here is my newest garland creation! I made it with paper circles from Pink Flamingo Ephemera--a lovely Etsy shop with a wide assortment of vintage craft supplies. The shop sells "paper ephemera for all your crafty projects", and I have certainly found some crafty uses for these vintage supplies.

Pink Flamingo Ephemera
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I'll be sure to share all of the crafts I've made with the supplies pictured above, but I want to start with the garland...

sewing machine
basic sewing supplies (thread, scissors, bobbins...)
paper circles (These came from Pink Flamingo Ephemera. Aren't they gorgeous?!)

Usually when I make a paper garland, I set the machine to the longest stitch length and decrease the presser foot pressure. These paper circles are durable enough to just use the normal settings for sewing a straight stitch. Begin feeding the circles through the machine and sewing through them one after another. Once your garland has reached its desired length pull the end threads out and snip them. (For a more detailed tutorial, you can click here.)

Hang your garland and enjoy! These are great for wreaths, party tables, picture frames, mantles... ANYWHERE in your home!

Be sure to visit Pink Flamingo Ephemera to stock up on your own vintage craft supplies!
Happy crafting!
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  1. This looks wonderful Jennifer! I'd never thought of using the circles as a garland.

  2. This is cute! I have a sewing machine so I could totally do this... I'd just have to figure out how to decrease the pressure on the presser foot.

    1. Thanks! It is quite easy. There should be a dial on the left side of the machine. Your manual should also have a diagram that labels the parts of the machine.

  3. I never even thought about doing this with a sewing machine! GENIUS!

    1. Thank you! Just make sure to reserve a "special" needle for your paper crafts. Sewing paper dulls the needles quickly.

  4. This is so clever Jen! It looks so much better/more official than just stamping a hole and threading some yarn through it! I never even thought to use a sewing machine, I'll have to try this! Thanks for linking this up with us at How To Tuesdays!
    xx Caitlin

    1. Thank you! I'd say it is probably quicker too. ;)

  5. I love this Jennifer! I am going to use your idea for a baby shower i have coming up next month. I am featuring your post at Link it or lump it tomorrow, have a great weekend!


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