The Life of Jennifer Dawn: R is for Rainbow: Preschool Printables and Activities

Thursday, March 13, 2014

R is for Rainbow: Preschool Printables and Activities

It's another fun preschool packet made with PicMonkey...
R is for Rainbow!

Writing Readiness
This activity is a great way to introduce the letter of the week. Print this page off, so the kids can trace the uppercase R and lowercase r with their finger. Then have them use this page as a guide to practice writing the letter R on individual dry erase boards or chalkboards. Model the sound that R makes and work together to make a list of words that start with this letter.  There's Eli in the background munching on a snack and watching his big sister.  He loves her so much and watches everything she does.

Letter Guide

Here is another opportunity to practice writing the letter of the week.
Practice Page for the Letter R

Visit the library or check your own shelves at home to find some great books that fit the theme.  Here are some of our favorites...
I Am a Rainbow by Dolly Parton and illustrated by Heather Sheffield
What Makes a Rainbow? by Betty Ann Schwartz and illustrated by Dona Turner
Rainbow Stew by Cathryn Falwell
Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert

I used my circle punch to make colored circles that the kids glued on paper to make rainbows.  It was neat to see the differences in their rainbows.  This is also great practice for those fine motor skills.

Drawing & Coloring

Fine Motor
Cutting and pasting are both excellent opportunities to sharpen fine motor skills.  Print this page off and have the kids cut out the clouds and glue them to the ends of the rainbow.

Print and cut out the rainbow on this page.  You can use it as a pattern to cut out different colors of felt to make a felt rainbow or you can simply glue a few pieces of felt to the back of the paper so it will stick to a flannel or felt board.  Use this as a visual to talk about the different colors of the rainbow.

Preschool Science
I showed the kids photographs of rainbows.  We talked about what they thought caused a rainbow to appear in the sky.  Then I let them watch a very short video on rainbows.  Use prisms or a cup of water near a well-lit window to cast your own little rainbows on a wall or a white piece of paper.

Reading Readiness
The R Sound

Happy learning and playing!
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  1. Great printables! I love the font choices. I just followed several of your Pinterest boards and joined your link party. So glad to have found you via SITS Spring Fling Group 11

  2. This is really great! We're just starting to see my son show some interest in how letters are made (drawn?) so we're on the hunt for some activities to help him out. Thanks!


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