The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Tacky Box Review #TackyBoxKindness

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tacky Box Review #TackyBoxKindness

(Disclosure: The Life of Jennifer Dawn received one or more of the products listed in this post in exchange for my honest review.  I only promote products and services that I use personally and feel would be a good fit for my readers.)

I love reading to my kids!  It is truly one of my favorite things to do.
Sometimes the books we read are magical...
Sometimes they are real...
Sometimes they are fun or exciting...
And sometimes they have a positive message to share...
That's the case with this book! Margo's Magnificent Choice is a tale meant to inspire young children to be kind with their words and actions.

The kids and I were all at Mimi's house the other day. The boys were napping, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share this book with Lydia Grace.  My sweet girl turns five on March 1. That's hard for me to wrap my mind around. Where did my baby go? This book is intended for children right around her age, so it was no surprise that the story of Margo grabbed her attention right away.

Margo learns a very valuable lesson in the story--be kind to others and use nice words instead of "tacky" words. When we finished the story, I asked L.G. if she could think of some things that are kind to say to others. I was so proud when she responded with...

"I love you!"
"You're terrific!" {chuckle}
"This is for you!"

There are times when kindness doesn't reign supreme. Lydia Grace and Eli fight the way a lot of siblings do. Sharing with friends can be a struggle at this age. Kids pick up on everything--good examples set for them by people they encounter and "tacky" ones. That's where this book can help...

A Tacky Box came with the book. The box is intended to be decorated which is fantastic because that gives the child a sense of ownership over the box.

Inside the box is a brief introduction to the box/book combo along with steps to take when beginning this project with your child. Step Four reads, " Display the decorated Tack Box prominently in your home.  Have your child use the enclosed tablet to write down any tacky words (or behavior) he or she uses or witnesses and then lock the piece of paper in the Tacky Box. The act of writing down the word or action and placing it in the box symbolizes your child's commitment to remove tacky words from the heart and mind." Lydia Grace is already using her box. I'm excited to see the continued effect it will have.

This is such a fun and effective way to teach children to be kind! Couldn't we all use a little more kindness in our lives?  What creative ways have you found to teach about kindness?  I'd love to hear about them!

You can read more about Tacky Box and even order one for your child at this link: Tacky Box.
Happy reading!
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  1. SO neat! This looks like something I can enjoy doing with Sarah. Love that you can color the box! Sarah LOVES to color!

    1. I love that the box can be decorated too. It is one of the great things about the set.


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