The Life of Jennifer Dawn: Preschool Printables & Activities: B is for Ball

Monday, December 9, 2013

Preschool Printables & Activities: B is for Ball

Need a few activities for your preschooler this week?
Here is a fun little unit that I put together using PicMonkey...

Writing Readiness
Print this page off, so the kiddos can trace the uppercase and lowercase letter with their finger.  Then have them use it as a guide to practice writing the letter B on individual dry erase boards or chalkboards.  They can color on the page when they are done.

Visit the library to find books that fit the theme.  You can even look on your shelves at home!

Fine Motor
Print this page out and allow your child to use scissors to cut along the lines.

Gross Motor
The kiddos can practice rolling, throwing, catching, and kicking a ball.

Create a sensory tub by filling up a box or tub with small balls and marbles that the kids can play with.

Preschool Science


Arts & Crafts
Have the kids glue items onto each dot to create the letter B.  Use buttons, craft pom poms, stickers, paper punches, or other small items.


If you have some ideas for activities to add to this unit, I'd love to hear them...
Happy teaching, learning, and playing!


  1. I love this! I'm wanting to do some home-learning when my girl gets old enough. I'm amazed you did all of this with picmonkey! !

    1. Thanks, Ashlyn! It's the teacher in me! {chuckle} My focus has just shifted from my classroom to my own little ones. Yes, PicMonkey is wonderful! There are so many things you can do with that site.


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